Sobralia macrantha 'Voodoo Priestess' by Harry Tolen

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AOS Awards, and plant/seed/flask sources
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Updated 12 April 2012


This website was started in August 2000 -- now in its 13th year!

You will find a list of 80 different sobralia species, 29 registered Sobralia hybrids, photos of more than 67 different identified sobralia species and several hybrids, as well as some unidentified, "mystery" sobralias.
(visit the Discussion section, and the White Sobralias page)

What's New on the Site?
July 2011: New species from Peru: Sobralia abadorum.

25 April 2009: Lecture by Dr. Robert Dressler on "Sobralias" at AOS Spring members meeting in Houston, Texas.

See the great article by Peter C. Elfleet, posted 4 May 2006: " Life History of Sobralia Songbird," and OCNZ award details, posted 12 Feb 2008.


Photo by Dennis Oda, Star-Bulletin

Sobralia held by Wilbur Chang


The Genus Sobralia

The Genus Elleanthus

The Genus Fregea

The Genus Epistephium

The Genus Palmorchis

The Genus Corymborchis


General Distribution of Sobralias

Sobralia Species . . . . . White Sobralia Species

Sobralia Hybrids . . . . . Awards to Sobralias

Sobralia Culture . . . . . Small-Growing Sobralias

Unidentified Sobralias

Sobralias on Stamps . . . . . The Sobralia Literature

Seed/Plant/Flask Sources . . . . . Links to Related Pages


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This webpage was born in August 2000.
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