The Genus Corymborchis

Thou. ex Blume 1855

Native to Central and South America

Edited 18 May 2007
© Nina Rach

Corymborchis flava inflorescence, by Roberto Takase Originally published as Corymbis by Thouars in 1822, then later as Corymborchis in Orch. Ind. Arch. 125 (1855).

Corymborchis is a small genus of very primitive terrestrial orchids like Xerorchis, Palmorchis, and Psilochilus, related to Sobralia. There are 8 species described in literature that range from Central America (Panamá, Costa Rica) to Colombia and Equador. The leaves are alternating and plicate on upright stems.

Corymborchis flava, pictured at left, is native to southern Brazil (Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina states). Photos at left by Roberto Takase, São Paulo, Brazil.
The species is also found in Ecuador. We saw hundreds of these plants blooming in February 2004, at high altitude in the vicinity of Podocarpus National Park, in the southern Ecuadoran Andes.




Corymborchis flava flowers, by Roberto Takase



The species: (all published names; some invalid)

Corymborchis angustissima J.J. Smith 1927
Corymborchis assamica Blume
Corymborchis brevistylis (Hook.f.) Holttum 1953
Corymborchis confusa Ames 1915
Corymborchis cubensis Acuna 1939
Corymborchis decumbens (Lindl.) L.O.Williams 1939
Corymborchis flava
Corymborchis forcipigera (Rchb.f.) L.O.Williams 1946
Corymborchis galipanensis (Rchb.f.) Foldats 1959
Corymborchis ledermannii (Schltr.) Fukuyama 1941
Corymborchis longiflora (Hook.f.) Burkill 1935
Corymborchis parviflora J.J.Smith 1928
Corymborchis rhytidocarpa (Hook.f.) Holttum 1953
Corymborchis ruttenii J.J.Smith 1928
Corymborchis sakisimensis (Fukuyama) Fukuyama 1941
Corymborchis subdensa (Schltr.) Fukuyama 1941
Corymborchis thouarsii Blume =Corymbis corymbosa
Corymborchis tropidiifolia J.J.Smith 1935
Corymborchis trukensis (Tuyama) Fukuyama 1941
Corymborchis veratrifolia Rchb.f. 1865
Corymborchis welwitschii Rchb.f. 1865

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