Fregea wercklei

Schlechter 1923

Native to Costa Rica

Edited 18 May 2007
text © Nina Rach

Fregea wercklei, type drawing

Fregea wercklei Schlechter

Originally published in Repert. Spec. Nov. Regni Veg. Beih. 19:9.

Schlechter defined this species as having reddish brown stems and a very short column. Schlechter's type drawing at left, from the Garay Archives.

Nomenclatural synomym for Fregea wercklei is Sobralia wercklei (Schltr.) L.O. Williams 1956.

The genus Fregea was established by the younger Reichenbach in Bot. Zeit. 10: 712, in 1852. There are only two species in the genus; the type species is Fregea amabilis Rchb.f.

Fregea wercklei








Photo at right from TROPICOS db, labeled as amabilis, but appears to more closely represent Fregea wercklei; compare with the type drawing at left.

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Online References:

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