Palmorchis Dressler 1997

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Native to Central and South America

Edited 5 July 2007
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Palmorchis trinotata holotype

The genus Palmorchis was originally described by Barbosa Rodrigues (Gen. et Sp. Orch. Nov. 1: 169, 1877) as a "sizable" genus of tropical American orchids allied to Sobralia and Elleanthus. The generic name derives from the Greek palmh palme (palm) and orciV orchis (orchid), because the leaves are suggestive of certain Geonoma-like palms. However, the genus appears to be rather small, under 20 species, and the type species, Palmorchis trinotata Dressler, wasn't published until 1997, in: Orquideología; Revista de la Sociedad Colombiana de Orquideología 20(3): 263, f.. 1997. [MO holotype 04958204, illustrated at left, Dressler 4680, 21 Aug 1974, Panama: Colón, lower Río Guanche. Isotypes at FLAS, PMA, SEL.]

Plants of Palmorchis trinotata are found in Central and South America and in Trinidad, and are quite rare in cultivation. Sepals and petals are pale green, and the lip has three lilac streaks. The genus is considered by taxonomist Robert L. Dressler to be one of the more primitive orchids. There are 11 Panamanian records of the type species in the TROPICOS - VAST specimen database, collected between 1959 and 1994, in the regions of Colon, Darien, Panama, and San Blas.

One synonym for Palmorchis Barb. Rodr. is Neobartlettia Schltr. in: Fedde Rep. Sp. Nov. 16: 440. 1920. Genus citations for Neobartlettia include:
(1) G.C.K. Dunsterville & Leslie A. Garay. 1959-1976. Venezuelan orchids illustrated. (Venez Orch) 6:314.
(2) T. Lasser, ed. 1964-. Flora de Venezuela. (F Venez)
(3) R.E. Woodson & R.W. Schery, eds. 1943-1980. Flora of Panama. (F Panama)

Other synonyms for the genus are:
Jenmania Rolfe in Kew Bull. 198 1898, non Wachter, 1897
Rolfea Zahlbr. in Jour. Bot. 36: 493. 1898.

  • Subfamilia NEOTTIOIDEAE

  • Palmorchis Species List:

    Palmorchis colombiana Garay [COL=Colombia]
    Palmorchis duckei Hoehne [Brazil (Amazonas)]
    Palmorchis guianensis (Schlechter) Schweinf. & Correll in Bot.Mus.Leafl. 8:113, 1940 [VZ GU SU Brazil (Amazonas)]
    Palmorchis kuhlmannii (Schlechter) L.O. Williams [SU=Suriname]
    Palmorchis lobulata (Mansf.) Schweinf. & Corr. [COL FG EC PE]
    Palmorchis nitida Dressler [PAN COL]
    Palmorchis pabstii Veyret [FG]
    Palmorchis paludicola R.L. Dressler 1997 [CR= Costa Rica]
    Palmorchis pandurata C. Schweinfurth & Correll [EC= Ecuador]
    Palmorchis powellii (Ames) C. Schweinfurth & Correll [CR PAN COL]
    Palmorchis prospectorum Veyret [SU FG]
    Palmorchis puber (Kraenzlin) Garay [BOL Brazil (Amazonas]
    Palmorchis pubescens Barbosa Rodrigues [TRIN COL GU FG Brazil (Pará, Goiás)]
    Palmorchis silvicola L.O. Williams [NIC CR PAN EC]
    Palmorchis sobralioides Barbosa Rodrigues [Brazil (Amazonas, Pará)]
    Palmorchis sordida R.L. Dressler 1997 [CR]
    Palmorchis trilobulata L.O. Williams [CR PAN COL SU]
    Palmorchis trinotata R.L. Dressler 1997 [PAN] - TYPE SPECIES


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