Sobralia Colmaniae

(Veitchii x xantholeuca)

Hybrid registered in 1907 by Colman.

Edited 18 May 2007

Sobralia Colmaniae photo needed

This hybrid was registered in 1907 by Sir Jeremiah Colman of Gatton Park in Surrey. He registered a second sobralia hybrid in 1915: Sobralia Gatton Lily (holfordii x lucasiana). Colman's orchid collection was given to the Cambridge University Botanic Garden in 1933. He died Jan. 16 1942.

According to the Royal Horticultural Society's International Orchid Register, the seed parent was Sobralia Veitchii and the pollen parent was Sobralia xantholeuca.

The RHS published the following correction in the April-May 2005 registration list:
"Sobralia Colmaniae. This grex epithet appears with several spellings in different works, and has been entered in the Register as Colmanae, following SLOH 1946: 245. The Register has now been corrected to follow Colman’s original orthography as Colmaniae. See Colman, Hyb. Orch. 1933: 101; also: Gard. Chron. 46: 99 (1909); Orch. Rev. 1909: 276; Kew Bull. 1910(App.3): 82, as Colmanii; Gard. Chron. 31st July 1920."

See also: the webpage on Sobralia Hybrids.


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