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22 AOS Awards to 11 different species, through Awards Quarterly Vol. 37, No. 4 (Dec. 2006), plus two provisional AOS awards, and one hybrid awarded in New Zealand.

Sobralia bouchei 'Vera Cruz' CBR/AOS, Houston Judging Center Monthly Judging, 16June 2007 [provisional]. Exhibited by David Hunt. Link

Sobralia callosa 'Donna Wise' CHM/86 pts, Pacific South Center Monthly Judging, 14 April 2003 [AQ 34, p. 284C]. Link
"One flat, bright magenta flower and one bud on two inflorescences; sepals bright magenta with pale central stripes; petals bright magenta; lip iridescent magenta with thin yellow keel running to basal yellow blotch; substance thin; texture iridescent; recognized for horticultural merit as a dwarf gracile plant with brilliant magenta flowers in a genus known for large plants; identified by John Beckner, Orchid Identification Center. Nat.spr. 4.5cm, 5.5cm vert; ds 0.9cm w, 2.8cm l; pet 1.4cm w, 2.5cm l; ls 0.8cm w, 2.7cm l; lip 2.7cm w, 3.3cm l." Exhibited by Ed and Donna Wise, Yorba Linda, Calif.

Sobralia crocea 'Eichenfel's Jellybeans' CHM/82 pts, Northeast Center Monthly Judging, 18 November 2000 [AQ 33(2): 134]. Link
"Twenty-five flowers and one bud on 26 terminal inflorescenses; plant typical of genus with leaves alternating on approximately 48-cm canes; flowers among the smallest of the genus, partially open, brilliant orange, tubular; sepals orange; petals and lip cream-colored; throat dark burgundy; substance waxy; texture glossy; awarded for pleasing presentation of flowers on a floriferous, compact plant; species from Ecuador. Nat.spr. 1.4cm, 2.9cm vert; ds 0.6cm w, 2.2cm l; pet 0.5cm w, 1.9cm l; ls 0.6cm w, 1.6cm l; lip 0.5cm w, 1.5cm l." Exhibited by Ann and Phil Jesup, Bristol, Connecticut.

Sobralia crocea 'Rustic Orange' CBR, Long Beach, CA, October 1995 [AQ 27(3): 148 B&W photo]. Link
"One tubular flower on one terminal inflorescence; rarely seen, brilliantly colored, tiny flowered Sobralia from Ecuador and of interesting educational value; plant bamboo-like, 48 cm high, a miniature of the genus; sepals dark orange, petals and lip creamy orange, throat chestnut; substance waxy; texture glossy. Nat. spr. 1.4cm, 1.0cm vert; ds 0.6cm w, 2.3cm l; pet 0.4cm w, 1.8cm l; ls 0.6cm w, 2.5cm l; lip 0.6cm w, 2.2cm l. Exhibitor: Howard Liebman, MD, Pacific Palisades, CA."

Sobralia crocea 'Tangerine Squeeze' CHM/80 pts, Pacific South Center Monthly Judging, 23 July 2001 [AQ 33(2): 134]. Link
"Thirteen brilliant red-orange flowers on eight inflorescenses; petals yellow-orange; lip pale yellow with maroon throat centrally, lighter at apex; substance soft; texture waxy; commended for potential breeding of orange sobralias; identified by Eric Christenson, Ph.D. Nat.spr. 1.4cm, 1.3cm vert; ds 0,5cm w, 2.8cm l; pet 0.7cm w, 2.4cm l; ls 0.5cm w, 2.8cm l; lip 0.8cm w, 1.6cm l." Exhibited by Cindy Hill, Solana Beach, CA.

Sobralia decora 'One Day Wonder' HCC/AOS 77 pts, Great Lakes Center Monthy Judging, July 17, 2004 [AQ 36(1), p. 75 B&W photo by Bruce Blyth]. Link
"Nine flowers on nine inflorescences borne on a clean plant with 12 canes up to 98 cm tall, five 8- to 22-cm keikis attached at approximately 45-cm; sepals white, blushed pink; petals blushed darker pink; lip rolled, white, heavily overlaid dark pink, copper centrally, midlobe white distally; column white; substance average; texture matte. Nat.spr. 9.1cm, 4.3cm vert; ds 1.4cm w, 4.8cm l; pet 1.5cm w, 3.4cm l; ls 1.4cm w, 5.2cm l; lip 2.4cm w, 3.8cm l." Exhibited by Glenda Lask, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.

Sobralia decora 'KG's Fleeting Moment' CCM/82 pts, West Palm Beach Center Monthly Judging, 22 September 2001 [AQ 33(2): 134; Photo by Greg Allikas]. Link
"Twenty-four very cupped flowers and four buds, borne individually and terminally on 28 90-cm canes; very clean plant 140 cm in diameter by 90 cm high grown in lava rock in a 44-cm clay pot; sepals and petals pale lavender, heavily flushed dark lavender; ruffled lip dark lavender with apical white line, orange-lavender flush in throat; identified by John Beckner, Orchid Identification Center. Nat.spr. 7.0cm, 4.1cm vert; ds 1.2cm w, 5.0cm l; pet 1.5cm w, 3.0cm l; ls 1.6cm w, 4.0cm l; lip 1.9cm w, 4.4cm l." Exhibited by Greg Allikas and Kathy Figiel, West Palm Beach, Florida.
Sob. decora 'Mello Spirit' photo by Danny Lentz
Sobralia decora 'Mello Spirit' CCM/88 pts, Atlanta Center Monthly Judging, DAY MONTH 2006 [AQ __(_): ___; Photo by Danny Lentz, at right]. Link to species page
"Thirty-three flowers borne terminally on 22 reed-like stems, 11 double-flowered, to 100-cm all; ovate leaves to 20-cm long; sepals and petals white suffused lavender centrally; lip rose-purple, throat old gold, white apically; texture firm, substance matte. Nat. spread 9.5 cm, 5.0 cm vert." Exhibited by David Mellard and Sal Marino, Doraville, Georgia.

Sobralia decora 'Santa Barbara' CHM/80 pts, Pacific South Center Monthly Judging, 13 September 1999 [AQ 31(2): 151 color photo]. Link
"One cupped flower and two buds borne terminally on three 65-cm, dark green-maroon canes with dark green leaves; sepals and petals white, flushed lightly with lavender; lip dark lavender with white apex, orange-lavender flush in throat; origin lower elevations Western Mexico to Panama; commended as a desirable species with vigorous, compact growth habit of dark color contrasting the bright flowers. Nat.spr. 4.0cm, 3.4cm vert; ds 1.0cm w, 4.5cm l; pet 0.9cm w, 3.5cm l; ls 1.0cm w, 4.5cm l; lip 2.0cm w, 3.0cm l. Exhibited by Santa Barbara Orchid Estate, Santa Barbara, CA."

Sobralia fenzliana 'Aibonito' CBR, St. Paul Winter Carnival Orchid Show, St. Paul, Minnesota, January 29, 2000 [AQ 32: 114]. Link
"Six flowers on six inflorescenses, borne on a plant to 132.5 cm tall; leaves alternate, ovate; flowers white, overlaid light lavender, flushed and veined rose; lip deep rose, one white mark apically, crimson centrally; substance tissue like; texture matte. Nat.spr. 6.9cm, 4.9cm vert; ds 1.5cm w, 5.2cm l; pet 2.1cm w, 4.3cm l; ls 1.5cm w, 6.0cm l; lip 2.4cm w, 4.1cm l. Exhibited by Steve Gonzalez, Woodbury, Minnesota."

Sobralia helleri 'Woodstream' CBR/AOS, National Capital Center Monthly Judging, 2 February 2003 [AQ 35, p. 65; B&W photo by James Osen]. Link
"A very attractive reed-type plant with large broad foliage; canes measure up to 70 cm with a single tubular, slightly open flower arising from apex of one cane; sepals and petals white; lip white, interior magenta rose, apex of lip magenta rose with white midline; substance and texture unable to be determined due to closed form of flower. Nat.spr. 4.4cm, 3.9cm vert; ds 3.8cm w, 8.0cm l; pet 3.0cm w, 6.5cm l; ls 3.0cm w, 8.5cm l; lip 2.4cm w, 7.0cm l." Exhibited by Woodstream Orchids, Huntingtown, Maryland.

Sobralia klotzscheana 'Mello Spirit' CBR/AOS, Atlanta Judging Center, June 9, 2007. [AQ __; photo by Danny Lentz]. Link
Exhibited by David Mellard and Sal Marino, Doraville, Georgia.

Sobralia lepida 'Rustic Canyon' CHM/80 pts, Los Angeles July 1998 [AQ 30(4): 355, with color photo on pg. 329]. Link
"Very rarely seen species with two delightful, bright fuchsia, flat flowers of charming conformation arising apically from two thin, 33-cm tall canes with bamboo-like foliage; origin Guatemala. Nat. spr. 5.0cm, 4.2cm vert; ds 0.2cm w, 1.9cm l; pet 1.1cm w, 2.6cm l; ls 0.7cm w, 2.3cm l; lip 1.8cm w, 2.2cm l." Pacific South Center Monthly Judging, Burbank, CA. Exhibitor: Howard Liebman, MD, Pacific Palisades, CA.

Sobralia leucoxantha 'Cielo' CCM/83 pts, Reg. Supp. Monthly Judging, Tampa, Florida, 24 July 1968 [Register of Awards Supp. VI, p. 1220]. Link
"Seven flowers and three buds; 26 bulbs and three new growths; overall height of plant 56 inches; plant in good cultural condition and flowers of good quality; light creamy white in tepals with definite yellow throat. Natural spread of flower 4 1/2"; dorsal sepal 7/8" wide, 3 1/8' long; petal 1" wide, 3" long; lateral sepals 1" wide, 2 7/8" long; lip 1 3/4" wide, 1 5/8" long. Exhibited by John Beckner, St. Petersburg, FL."

Sobralia luteola (syn. pleiantha) 'Sun Prarie' CBR/AOS, Chicago Center Monthly Judging, 11 Sept. 2004 [AQ 37(2), p. 143, B&W photo]. Link
"Two flowers on two inflorescenses; plant with 24 growths, 37 by 44 cm, grown in 14-cm deep plastic pot; leaves ovate, 13.7 by 5.2 cm; sepals and petals pale yellow-green, overlaid butterscoth yellow; lip tubular, throat russet, crenelated apically; column and anther cap white; substance medium; texture matte; species native to Central America; identified by John Beckner, Orchid Identification Center. Natural spread 6.0 cm, 4.0 cm vert; ds 1.4 cm w, 5.2 cm l; pet 1.5 cm w, 4.4 cm l; ls 1.5 cm w, 4.3 cm l; lip 1.5 cm w, 4.3 cm l. Exhibited by Bil Nelson, Milwaukee, WI."

Sobralia macrantha 'Arbor View' CHM/83 pts, awarded at Northeast Center Monthly Judging, Boyleston, Mass., 6 July 2002 [AQ 35 (1), p. 65, B&W photo by Teck H. Hia]. Link
"Four striking pastel flowers and six buds on 10 inflorescences carried on an exceptionally well-grown and unblemished plant 94 cm tall; sepals white, overlaid with pale, rose blush; petals white, blushed pale yellow centrally and blushed rose on margins and distal ends; pleasingly ruffled lip light rose, throat bright yellow, lamellae on a lighter yellow background; recognized for an unusual color form of an uncommonly seen plant with ephemeral flowers; identified by Gustavo A. Romero. Natural spread 13.5 cm, 14.0 cm vert; ds 3.0 cm w, 9.0 cm l; pet 4.0 cm w, 8.5 cm l; ls 3.3 cm w, 9.0 cm l; lip 7.0 cm w, 10.0 cm l." Exhibited by Robert F. Florsheim, Dover, Mass.

Sobralia macrantha 'Bella Verapaz' CCM/83 pts, awarded at 17th National Guatemala Orchid Show, Guatemala City, 13 February 1991 [AQ 23: 47, no photo]. Link
"Sixteen flowers and 18 buds on 34 long, slender, 120-cm stems, each bearing a single flower or bud on a terminal successively flowering raceme; plant grown in a 74-cm wide container of tree fern; flowers large, showy, rose-purple, well presented against exceptionally clean foliage; lip large, spreading, darker rose-purple surrounding conspicuous white central area. Nat. spr. 11.5cm, 13.6cm vert; ds 2.7cm w, 7.1 cm l; pet 3.7cm w, 8.2cm l; ls 2.8cm w, 8.2cm l; lip 7.4cm w, 10.4cm l." Exhibited by Otto Mittelstaedt, Alta Verapaz, Guatemala.

Sobralia macrantha 'Bolin' HCC/78 pts, Los Angeles July 1981 [AQ 13: 97 B&W photo]. Link
"Two flowers and six buds on nine inflorescences; sepals and petals deep fuchsia; lip darker fuchsia; throat yellow at base; fading to white towards upper portion; lip extremely large. Natural spread of flower 18.0 cm; dorsal sepal 11.0 cm wide, 5.1 cm long; petals 10.6 cm wide, 3.5 cm long; lateral sepals 11.0 cm wide, 10.6 cm long; lip 10.6 cm wide, 15.0 cm long. Exhibited by James W. Tatum, Encino, CA." - [Yes, these are the actual measurements printed in the AQ; they seem to have gotten the width and length reversed for every part of the flower - Nina]

Sobralia macrantha 'Louise' CHM/82 pts, Northeast Center Monthly Judging, 17 June 2000 [AQ 32: 114]. Link
"Ten large, violet-purple flowers and eight buds on 18 inflorescenses; flowers fading to white centrally; a stunning display of this ephemerally flowered species. Nat.spr. 9.7cm, 12.7cm vert; ds 2.5cm w, 7.4cm l; pet 3.4cm w, 6.5cm l; ls 2.8cm w, 8.2cm l; lip 7.7cm w, 9.6cm l. Exhibited by Gerry Cassella, Staten Island, New York."

Sobralia macrantha 'Rustic Canyon' JC/AOS, Awarded at Pacific South Center Monthly Judging, Long Beach, Calif, 28 July 2003 [AQ 35(1), p. 65, color photo by Charles Rowden inside back cover]. Link
"One flower with novel coloration on one tall cut inflorescence; sepals and petals white with very pale hint of pink; dorsal sepal with typical asymmmetric twist; lip white with yellow throat and pale lilac midline; substance excellent for species. Nat. spr. 13.0 cm; ds 2.8 cm w, 9.4 cm l; pet 4.6 cm w, 8.4 cm l; ls 3.1 cm w, 10.5 cm l; lip 9.0 cm w, 13.0 cm l." Exhibited by Howard Liebman, MD, Pacific Palisades, Calif.

Sobralia macrantha 'Voodoo Priestess' AM/81 pts, awarded in Long Beach, CA, June 1996 [AQ 28(1), p. 74 with color photo by ____]. Link

Sobralia macrantha var. nana CCM/89 pts, Eastern Orchid Congress, Washington, D.C., 9 March 1957 [Register of Awards Supp. 1: 210]. Link
"An exceptionally large, well-flowered plant with 19 open flowers and many buds." Exhibited by Eben Richards, Washington, D.C.

Sobralia powellii 'Paki' CHM/81 pts, Awarded at Pacific Central Regional Supplemental Monthly Judging, San Francisco, 2 July 1996 [AQ 28, p. 75, no photo]. Link
"Two flowers and six buds on one inflorescence; sepals and petals pale creamy yellow; lip ruffled, yellow with tubular golden yellow throat; large, well-flowered plant worth growing." Exhibited by Pat & Clarence Kagikawa, Sunnyvale, Calif.

Sobralia yauaperyensis 'Matsuyo Nakayama' CHM/85 pts, Awarded at Pacific South Regional Monthly Judging, Los Angeles, 10 July 1989 [AQ 21(4): 190 B&W photo]. Link
"Two flowers and two buds on four inflorescences; sepals and petals creamy white; lip pale lavender with bright yellow throat; compact plant with large attractive flowers. According to the O.I.C., "There is about an 80 percent probability of correct determinations for any Sobralia. The retuse lip with tubular base as well as size and shape of the flowers matches the above. White forms of this normally lavender flowered species are known. Sobralia macrantha is similar, but that species has canes 6-10 feet long." Nat. spr. 14.5 cm; ds 2.5cm w, 7.5cm l; pet 3.9cm w, 9.5cm l; ls 2.5cm w, 11.5cm l; lip 7.5cm w, 12.5 cm l." Exhibited by Roland K. Nakayama, Laguna Beach, CA.
Sobralia Songbird 'First Note' HCC/77.5 pts, New Zealand Orchid Council. Awarded 27 January 2007 to the first plant of the cross (macrantha x Mirabilis) to flower (but not on its first flowering, which was in 2006). Hybridized by Peter Elfleet, Auckland. Link

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