Small-Growing Sobralias

Edited 18 May 2007
© Nina Rach

Sobralia callosa photo by Greg Allikas

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Sobralia atropubescens Ames & C. Schweinf. - Costa Rica

Sobralia callosa L.O. Williams - Panama Photo at right by Greg Allikas

Sobralia lowii Rolfe - Colombia

Sobralia pumila Rolfe - Brazil

Sobralia melanothrix Lotjant - Ecuador

Sobralia undatocarinata - Costa Rica and Panama

Sobralia virginalis - Colombia and ?

Printed References:

Robert L. Dressler (1993) Field Guide to the Orchids of Costa Rica and Panama. Ithaca: Comstock Publishing Associates. pp.318-324, plate 35 [color photo of Sob. suaveolens].

Leslie A. Garay (1978) Flora of Ecuador no. 9: Orchidaceae. Opera Botanica, 305p.

Web References:

International Plant Names Index [IPNI]

Dictionary of Botanical Epithets by Chuck G.

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