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Edited 18 May 2007
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Here are some links to other pages of interest to Sobralia aficionados. Also check my frequently updated list of Sobralia Literature for additional weblinks, and let me know if have any other additions.


International Plant Names Index [IPNI]

The International Orchid Register (RHS hybrid database)

Missouri Botanical Garden (MOBOT) -- Species and subspecific taxa of Sobralia in the W3 TROPICOS database.

Sobralia macrantha, by Augusta Withers

David A. Bar-Zvi's homepage [Sobralia research at Fairchild Tropical Garden]

Central America:

Nicaragua: The Rape of Mombacho's Orchids , by Pat Werner

Costa Rica: Die Gattung Sobralia Ruiz & Pav. - from Walter Schug's new website on Costa Rican orchids. [in German and Spanish]

Costa Rica: Epiphytes of the Monteverde Cloud Forest Preserve, by Stephen W. Ingram [Sobralia amabilis; Elleanthus aurantiacus, E. glaucophyllum, E. tonduzii]

Checklist of the orchids of Rara Avis, Rainforest Lodge & Reserve, Costa Rica [7 Elleanthus sp., 8 Sobralia species]

South America:

French Guiana: New York Botanical Garden - Sobralia specimens

Ecuador: Checklist of Vascular Plants of Ecuador (CVPE) W3 Tropicos database at Missouri Botanical Garden

Ecuador: Inventory of the vascular plants of Maquipucuna, Ecuador
Monocot list [Elleanthus species: ampliflorus, aurantiacus, capitatus, discolor, fractiflexus, gastroglottis, graminifolius, linifolius, petrogeiton, robustus, smithii, vernicosus; Sobralia species: crocea, "ecuadorana", gloriosa, klotzscheana, pulcherrima, rosea, valida]
Sobralias of Peru, in the Galeria de Orquideas by Club Peruano de Orquideas

Peruvian Orchids, by Carlos Hajek

Peruvian Orchids in Danger by Benjamin Collantes


Brazil: Preliminary Checklist of the Plants of Monte Pascoal National Park, part of The Atlantic Coastal Forest Project of Northeastern Brazil

The Genus Sobralia, by Delfina de Araujo [part of her fabulous website on Brazilian Orchids]

Brazilan Orchids, by Hideto Yamassaki

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