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** Seed/Plant/Flask Sources **

Edited 29 November 2007
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Seed/Plant/Flask Sources:

Listing here is provided only as a service to growers. No particular recommendations should be inferred. Please note that the plants are listed as they appear in the price lists/catalogs and are not necessarily taxonomically correct. Availability changes rapidly.

Seeds for Sobralias are sometimes available from the Orchid Seedbank Project (OSP); Contact: A.J. Hicks (Arizona)
Website: Orchid Seedbank Project

Listed alphabetically, by business name:

Akerne Orchids, Laarsebeekdreef 4, B-2900 Schoten, Belgium. [Attn: Kenneth Bruyninckx]
Website: Akerne Orchids

Andy's Orchids, 734 Oceanview Ave., Encinitas, CA 92924 USA. Attn: Andy Philips
Website: Andy's Orchids

Bergstrom Orchids, P.O. Box 1502, Keaau, Hawaii 96749; (808) 982-6047 (Nursery & Fax), (808) 965-7054 (Office & Fax); Attn: Bill Bergstrom, email:

BiOrquidTropic Perú Laboratorios, Peru. Attn: Erica Moron de Abad
Flasks available 4/2007: Sobralia altissima, biflora, caloglossa, hirta, rosea, turkeliae, rondonii, others]

Ecuagenera Orquidias de Ecuador, P.O. Box 01-01-1110, Cuenca, Ecuador. Phone: (593) 725-5237 Fax: (593) 725-5236; Attn: Jose Portilla
Website: Ecuagenera and 2007 Wholesale Price List [Sobralia atropubescens, crocea, dichotoma, dorbigyana, fimbriata, fragrans, gloriosa, hirtzii, kermesiana, klotscheana, paradisiaca, portillae, powellii, turkeliae, virginalis, yauaperyensis]

Hoosier Orchid Company, 8440 West 82nd St., Indianapolis, IN 46278-1062 Tel: 317-291-6269, fax 317-291-8949. Attn: William Rhodehamel. No sobralias listed in November 2007; wait for an update.

J & L ORCHIDS, 20 Sherwood Road, Easton, CT 06612 USA. No sobralias listed in November 2007, but they have carried them in the past.

M & M Orchideen, M. Wolff; Bahnhofstr. 24a, D-63 533 Mainhausen-Zellhausen, Germany; Tel. +49 6182-26477
Website: M & M Orchideen

Maduro's Tropical Flowers of Panama, c/o Bill Goldner, Woodstream Orchids; 5810 Huntingtown Road, Huntingtown, MD, USA 20639; Phone/FAX: 410-286-2664. Many different species available in November 2007!
Website: Woodstream Orchids

MCM Orchids, PO Box 4626, Wheaton, IL 60189; Phone: 630-668-4588, Fax: 630-668-4687
Website: MCM Orchids

The Orchid House, 1699 Sage Avenue, Los Osos, Calif. 93402 U.S.A. [Attn: Norris H. Powell]
Website: The Orchid House

Orchidanica, PO Box 13151 Oakland,CA 94661 USA. [Attn: Larry Moskovitz]

Orquideas del Valle, Calle 10 Norte, No.9N-31, Cali, Colombia. Tel.: 57-2-667-4942 [Attn: Andrea Niessen].
Sobralia Lydia (xantholeuca x fimbriata) photo by Bruce Rogers

Oz Gardens, California. Ph: 415.235.4819
Alternate E-mail: Bruce Rogers. A wholesale nursery specializing in Sobralias, offering Sobralias in all growth stages: seed, flasks, seedlings, mature plants. Approximately 25 crosses, species and named varieties (photo of Sobralia Lydia, right). Owned by Bruce Rogers and Terry Root.

P & R Orchids, Peter and Rose Gray, 677 Oxley Highway, Port Macquarie 2444, Australia; Phone: +61-2-65813061; Fax: +61-2-65810907
Website: P & R Orchids

Santa Barbara Orchid Estate, 1250 Orchid Drive, Santa Barbara, California 93111. Tel.:805-967-1284, Fax: 805-683-3405, Orders: 1-800-553-3387. Sobralias available November 2007: Sobralia decora, lucasiana, macrantha (incl. white variety), veitchiana, xantholeuca; Sob. Mirabilis.

Sherwood Forest Orchids PO BOX 1343, Ocala, Florida 34478. phone: 352-237-5051; fax: 352-237-5051 Ext 736
Website: Sherwood Forest Orchids

Stockers' Nursery, P.O. Box 188, Malanda, Qld 4885 Australia; Phone/fax +61 7 4096 5362
Website: Stockers' Nursery (Retail Price List)

Tropical Orchid Farm, PO Box 170, Haiku, HI 96708 USA. Tel: 808-572-8569, Fax: 808-572-8917. Attn: Jeff Parker & Kathy Klett. Species available November 2007: Sobralia callosa, tricolor and a white Bolivian species [Sob. suaveolens no longer listed].

Woolf Orchid Culture, PO Box 6018, Toowoomba West, Queensland, Australia 4350. Ph +61-7-46301788; Fax. +61-07-46302762
Website: Woolf Orchid Culture

Flasks are sometimes available from Hoosier Orchid Company, 8440 West 82nd St., Indianapolis, IN 46278-1062 Tel: 317-291-6269, fax 317-291-8949 [Attn: William Rhodehamel]
Website: Hoosier Orchid Company

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