Sobralia Wiganiae

(macrantha x xantholeuca)

Hybrid name published in 1856

Edited 25 April 2007

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Sobralia Wiganiae

This cross was first published in 1856 as a natural hybrid, Sobralia x wiganiae. The RHS also considers it "published" as a horticultural name, Sobralia Wiganiae, in 1898. It was named for ___ Wigan (British?). The RHS Wigan Cup is awarded annually to the best exhibit shown to the Society during the year by a local authority.

But Sobralia x wiganiae is not listed as a natural hybrid in the International Plant Names Index. IPNI lists only S. x amesiana and S. intermedia as natural hybrids.

In 1898, Veitch (James Veitch & Sons nursery, Chelsea) registered exactly the same hybrid with the RHS under the name Sobralia Veitchii.

Orchids in several other genera were named for Wigan, in 1896-1900:
Dendrobium Wiganiae (nobile signatum), registered by Wigan in 1896.
Phalaenopsis Wiganiae (schilleriana x stuartiana), registered by S. Low in 1899
Laeliocattleya Wiganiae (Lc. Gottoiana x C. mossiae), registered by Wigan in 1900.

According to the International Orchid Register, the seed parent was the Mexican and Central American species Sobralia macrantha and the pollen parent was the species Sobralia xantholeuca, from Chiapas and Guatemala.


The International Orchid Register (RHS hybrid database)

International Plant Names Index (IPNI)

Photo of the natural hybrid, Sobralia x wiganiae, by Bill Dobson in Australia, at

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