Sobralia andreae photo from Juan Carlos Uribe

Sobralia andreae

Dressler 2006

Native to Colombia

Edited 18 November 2008
© Nina Rach

Recently published by Dr. Robert Dressler, 2006. Named in honor of Andrea Niessen, Orquideas del Valle, Cali, Colombia, "who first showed the plants to the author at the Redland Orchid Festival."

Collected in June 2004 near border between Cundinamarca and Tolima, near Melgar, south of Bogota, at an altitude of 700 m [warm-growing]. The striking, solid magenta flowers are medium-sized and not fragrant.

Sobralia andreae seed transmitted light photo by Lacey Powell for Meyers Conservatory
At left, see photomicrograph of Sobralia andreae seed (taken by Lacey Powell for Meyers Conservatory), showing fertile embryos.

Top photo was made using transmitted light; second photo made using reflected light.

Seed harvested 25 Sept; photographed 29 Sept 2008.



Reflected light photo by Lacey Powell, Meyers Conservatory

"Seed is yellow to the naked eye, and free flowing. Moderately large seeds are long and thin, sometimes curved, and have moderately large sized elongated yellowish-green embryos centrally located which are 1/3 the length of the seed when present. [About] 48% appeared to have good embryos."



Printed References:

Robert L. Dressler 2006. "Sobralia andreae, una especie nueva y llamativa y de facil cultivo! Sobralia andreae, a new and attractive species, and easy to grow!," Orquideologia 24(2): 126 (125-132; 4 illus.) [dt. Dec 2005; issued in 2006; Revista de la Sociedad Colombiana de Orquideologia].

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Satellite map, Melgar region, Colombia: Melgar google satellite maps

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