Sobralia augusta

Hoehne 1944

Native to Brazil and Venezuela

Edited 13 April 2007

Sobralia photo by Nina Rach Sobralia photo by Nina Rach

Sobralia augusta Hoehne 1944

This species name was published in Arquivos de Botanica do Estado de Sao Paulo (Arq. Bot. Estado Sao Paulo) n. ser. form. maior, 1: 128, tab. 143. 1944. This publication states that the species was found in the Brazilian states of Pará and Mato Grosso and had an illustration.

Hoehne originally published this as Sobralia liliastrum forma maior Hoehne, in: Relatorio, Commissao das Linhas Telegraficas Estrategicas de Matto Groosoao Amazonas. Anexo (Relat. Commiss. Linhas. Telegr. Estrateg. Matto Grosso Amazonas) 5, Bot. pt. 4: 23, pl. 74. 1912. He later differentiated this collected material as the distinct species, Sobralia augusta.

According to Dr. Leslie Garay (pers. comm. Feb 2002), this species has been collected throughout the Amazon Basin since the original description by Hoehne, and is known from southern Venezuela as well as Mitu, Colombia.

Photos at left were taken in the Gran Sabana of Venezuela, Bolivar State, in October 2001. We originally thought this species to be Sobralia liliastrum, but apparently there were several white sobralia species blooming at the same time. Note the long, recurved sepals and petals and the touch of yellow in the throat of the lip. Dr. Leslie Garay suggests that this is more likely to be Sobralia augusta, which would need to be verified by examination of live plant material.

This species has also been known as "Sobralia Alba"


Frederico Carlos Hoehne (1940-1953) Orchidaceas. Flora Brasílica. Sao Paulo: Romiti & Lazara, fascicles 1, 5, 8 and 10 in 5 vols., pp. 255, 154 plates (incl. 1(bis); 6 in colour); pp. 219, 138 plates (incl. 56a; 33 in colour); pp. 389 & 210 plates (21 in colour); pp. 399, 182 plates (incl. 107A; 68 in colour); small folio, printed stiff wrappers.

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