Sobralia bimaculata

L.A. Garay 1975

Native to Colombia

Edited 12 April 2007

Sobralia bimaculata type specimen

Originally published in Orquideologia 10(2): 101 (1975).

This species has medium-sized, white, apical flowers with two yellow blotches or marks on the front of the lip. The sepals may be greenish-white.

Photo at left of the type specimen of Sobralia bimaculata was kindly provided by Dr. Leslie Garay. The plant was collected and photographed by Gilberto Escobar in Dept. Antioquia, carretera a Briceno, El Oro, 1720 m. altitude. It may have been blooming March-April.

According to Delfina's website, this species requires cool conditions, high light and good ventilation in cultivation.

Photo below from Patricia Harding, of a plant blooming in September 2004. Originally from Colombia. Flowers are small, about one inch across, borne on short plants.

Sobralia bimaculata photo by Pat Harding

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The Genus Sobralia by Delfina de Araujo

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