Sobralia calliantha

D.E. Bennett & E.A. Christenson 2001

Native to Perú

Edited 29 June 2007

Sobralia calliantha photo needed!

Original publication in "Icones Orchidacearum Peruviarum," fourth installment.
A newly published species, based on collections made in Perú by David E. Bennett.

Roque and León (2006) say that it grows near Paucartambo, in Pasco Department, at 1980-2000 m elevation.



Print References:

David E. Bennett Jr. & Eric A. Christenson (2001) "Icones Orchidacearum Peruviarum (Ic. Orchidac. Peruv.)," fourth installment, plate nos. 601 to 800, unbound, shrink-wrapped, 400 pp. [Five Sobralias: altissima, calliantha, hirta, ruarupaensis, withneri].

José Roque and Blanca León (December 2006) "Orchidaceae endemicas del Perú," in: Rev. Peru. Biol., 13(2): 759s-878s. Link: [Sobralia altissima, calliantha, hirta, ruparupaensis, turkeliae, weberbaueriana]

Web References:

Club Peruano de Orquideas, Galería de Orquídeas Peruanas: Sobralia

Club Peruano de Orquideas, Géneros nativos del Perú

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ING: Index Nominum Genericorum, URL: from the U.S. National Herbarium, Dept. of Systematic Biology - Botany, Smithsonian Institution.

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