Sobralia candida

(Poeppig & Endlicher) Rchb.f 1853

Native to Venezuela, Ecuador and Peru

Edited 12 February 2008
© Nina Rach

Stamp labeled Sobralia candida from Ghana, issued June 1998, probably a Vanilla sp.

Sobralia candida (P. & E.) Rchb.f

This species was finally published by the younger Reichenbach under the genus Sobralia in Fl. des Serres 8: 247 (1853). Poeppig and Endlicher had initially published it as Cyathoglottis candida in Nov. Gen. & Sp. I: 56 (1836).

Sobralia candida grows as both an epiphyte and terrestrial. The plants are small, approx. 50 cm. high, with leaves up to 2cm wide x 17cm long. Flowers have pale greenish-cream sepals, cream-colored petals, and a white lip with a greenish tip and five ridges on the callus. There are also dark red patches on the underside of the apex of the lip. Column, anther, and pollinia are white.

The photo at left depicts a stamp on a miniature sheet that was issued by Ghana on June 2, 1998. Although this is labeled as "Sobralia candida" it appears to depict a species of Vanilla.

Sobralia candida, photo by Nina Rach

Bussmann (2001) said that Sobralia candida is found colonizing clearings of lower montane forests, 1800-2150m, at the northern end of Podocarpus National Park, southern Ecuador.

In Peru, this species grows terrestrially in wet montane forest at an altitude of around 4200 feet.

In Venezuela, this species was collected by Dunsterville in damp forest at approximately 2,000-ft elevation, 120 km south of El Dorado, in Bolivar State (Gran Sabana).

The photo at right shows a plant growing epiphytically along the roadside of "La Escalera" at the north end of Venezuela's Gran Sabana (Oct. 2001; by Nina Rach).


See also, the webpage on White Sobralias.


Plants available from Club Peruano de Orquideas (The Peruvian Orchid Club), in Lima.

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