Sobralia cattleya

Reichenbach f. 1877

Native to Colombia and Venezuela

Edited 13 April 2007
Text © Nina Rach

Sobralia cattleya photo by Guillermo Angulo - Tegualda Gardens, Colombia

Sobralia cattleya Rchb. f.

Original publication in the Gardeners Chronicle n.s.7:72, 1877.

Flowers of this species are large (5-7 cm natural spread) and are variable pink to reddish brown with a broad, spatulate lip that partially encloses the white column. The apex of the lip is approximately 3-4 cm horizontal, with a wavy to slightly fimbriate margin. There are 5-7 narrow calli on the lip. The flowers develop from short, branched inflorescenses that arise axially along the stems (from the top of the leaf axils). A similar species with brown flowers is Sobralia caloglossa Schlechter.

Sobralia cattleya photo by Guillermo Angulo - Tegualda Gardens, Colombia
Photos at left and right by Guillermo Angulo, Tegualda Gardens, Colombia.





[image of a stamp issued by Venezuela, 1993;
face value 100 Bolivares; on a sheet of 10 different orchids.]

Sobralia cattleya stamp from Venezuela Printed References:
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