Sobralia doraemiliae

Dressler 1995

Distribution: Costa Rica and Panama

Edited 17 April 2007
© Nina Rach

Sobralia doremiliae photo from Andres Maduro
Original publication: Novon; a Journal for Botanical Nomenclature 5(2): 142 fig. (1995), St. Louis, MO.

Named for the late Dora Emilia Mora de Retana, author of the Orchids of Costa Rica, Part 3 (Fascicles 15 & 16 of Icones Plantarum Tropicarum), published by Marie Selby Botanical Gardens in 1992-93.

This species is known from several mid-elevation localities in Costa Rica and western Panama. It was collected in bloom on 10 July 1977 at 1200 m elevation, Cartago Province, Costa Rica, by R.L. Wilbur, F. Almeda, and T. Daniel. Holotype at Duke Herbarium.

Sobralia doremiliae photo by Nina Rach
Photo above left from Andres Maduro. Photo at right shows a plant in the research collection of Lankester Gardens, Costa Rica, taken March 2002 (Nina Rach). Grows cool-intermediate.


Robert L. Dressler 1995. "New orchid species from Costa Rica," in: Novon: a Journal for Botanical Nomenclature 5(2): 142, fig., St. Louis, MO. [Two new sobralia species, with line-drawings: S. dissimilis, S. doremiliae; new spelling: S. carazoi - was S. corazoi]

Details of a collected specimen of this species are contained in the BIMS Database for Costa Rica [Biodiversity Information Management System].

International Plant Names Index [IPNI],

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