Sobralia ecuadorana

Dodson 1998

Native to Ecuador

Edited 17 April 2007

Sobralia ecuadorana photo by Nina Rach

Sobralia ecuadorana C.H. Dodson

Original publication in: Orquideologia 21(1): 22 (1998).

The plant was collected on 30 April 1993 and the collecting team is listed by IPNI as Calaway H. Dodson, Eric Hagsater, Alvin Embree, F.L. Stevenson, and Norris H. Williams. Plants were found from Maldonado to Chical, km 3, 1410 m elevation, Carchi (northern Ecuador). The holotypoe is at the Herbarium Río Palenque Science Center, Ecuador (RPSC).

This may be a natural hybrid. Sobralia x ecuadoriana (gentryi x powelii) is offered in Tropical Orchid Farm's 2005 catalog (TOF1851). Described as a natural hybrid from Ecuador, with photo. "Very large (5") white flowers with pink on lip and yellow in throat bloom successively from tall canes. Very satisfying plant - blooms over and over throughout a season." [ tiny photo from TOF.] Another possible photo of Sobralia ecuadoriana, from a show in Chicago, 2002.


This terrestrial species is native to Ecuador, and was seen in forest at 1,850 m. The photograph at left was taken by Nina Rach on 12 April 2002.




International Plant Names Index [IPNI],

C.H. Dodson (1998) "_____," in: Orquideologia 21(1): 22.

Sobralia ecuadorana is on the Bilsa Preliminary Plant List, along with Sobralia lancea and four species of Elleanthus (aristatus & ecuadorensis & fractiflexus & robustus).

Inventory of the vascular plants of Maquipucuna, Ecuador
From the Monocot list:
"181. Sobralia "ecuadorana" Dodson (ined.) Sec. for., Tandayapa, 1850 m; terr.: Dodson 10820."

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