Sobralia elizabethae

R.H. Schomburgk 1841

Native to Venezuela

Edited 17 April 2007
© Nina Rach

Sobralia elizabethae, photo by Nina Rach

Dr. Leslie Garay writes "The Dunsterville illustration under S. liliastrum is now Sob. elizabethae." (pers. comm. 1/2002)

In October 2001, we trekked to Venezuela's Gran Sabana in Bolivar State and observed thousands of medium-tall, blooming plants that we thought at first to be Sobralia liliastrum. The flowers were nearly identical to Dunsterville's line-drawings of that species. Plants grew to about 1.5 meters tall in open conditions on a rocky slope at 3000-4500 ft elevation, in a clean quartz sand amidst boulders. Image at right photographed by Nina Rach. Note the long, recurved sepals (7+ cm. long).

In 2003, Gustavo Romero Gonzalez revisted this complex of white sobralias found in the Venezuelan Guyana [elizabethae, granitica, liliastrum] and published his thoughts in Harvard Papers in Botany.


See the webpage on White Sobralias.

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Robert H. Schomburgk (1841) illustration in: "Sertum Orchidacearum".

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