Sobralia fenzliana photo by Copan Nature Center

Sobralia fenzliana

Rchb.f. 1852

Native to Nicaragua, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador

Edited 19 September 2009
© Nina Rach

Originally published by Heinrich Gustav Reichenbach (1824-1889) in: Bot. Zeit. 10: 714 (1852). Type species: Nicaragua.

This species has rose-purple flowers with a darker lip; the lip is wavy but not ruffled and it does not have crisped keels.

Photo at left from Enchanted Wings Nature Center, Copan Ruinas, Honduras, run by Robert and Irma Gallardos.

This species is similar to Sobralia decora and Sobralia neglecta. How to distinguish? Generally, Sobralia decora has more upright, strong stems, and the leaves are retained all the way to the base of the plant. It also throws keikis.
See also the AOS award to Sobralia wilsoniana 'Vera Cruz' CBR, identified by Stig Dalstrom in 2008. It was originally awarded as Sobralia bouchei, but it looks like Sobralia fenzliana.

Sobralia fenzliana photo by Steve Gonzalez

Plants I grow in Houston grow robustly when treated as epiphytes. Roots will grow out of the pot and all through the benches - be wary! Stems grow to 1-1.5 m tall, semi-erect (need staking for display), and do not have keikis. The stems are slightly flattened, but not to the same degree as Sobralia sessilis. Generally, leaves only retained on the upper half of the stems. Flowers for months at a time, every week or two; but flowers last only one day. They are always terminal, and usually single, occasionally double.

Photo at right from Steve Gonzalez.

Williams and Allen wrote this description for Panamanian plants:

"Slender terrestrial or epiphytic herbs. Leaves 13-17 cm. long and 4-6 cm. broad, elliptic-oblong to lanceolate-ovate, acuminate. Sepals about 4 cm. long, elliptic or oblong-elliptic, acute. Petals a little shorter than the sepals, narrowly obovate, acute. Lip (4-6 cm. long?) obovate-orbicular, crenate-dentate anteriorally, ecarinate." Collected by Warscewicz in Chiriqui Province.
"The description is taken from the original and an analysis of the type. Seems to differ from Sobralia bouchei only in lacking carinae on the lip."
[carinae are linear, external ridges; part of the callus]

Found at Selva Negra in Nicaragua, between between the departments of Matagalpa and Jinotega, at 1300m.

AOS Award:

Sobralia fenzliana 'Aibonito' CBR/AOS January 29, 2000.
Description: Six flowers on six inflorescenses, borne on a plant to 132.5 cm tall; leaves alternate, ovate; flowers white, overlaid light lavender, flushed and veined rose; lip deep rose, one white mark apically, crimson centrally; substance tissue-like; texture matte. Nat. spr. 6.9cm, 4.9cm vert; ds 1.5cm w, 5.2cm l; pet 2.1cm w, 4.3cm l; ls 1.5cm w, 6.0cm l; lip 2.4cm w, 4.1cm l.
Awarded at the St. Paul Winter Carnival Orchid Show in St. Paul, Minnesota. Exhibitor: Steve Gonzalez, Woodbury, Minnesota. (AQ Vol. 32 p. 114)

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Enchanted Wings Nature Center, Copan Ruinas, Honduras,; Photo. Run by Robert and Irma Gallardo.

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