Sobralia hirta

D.E. Bennett & E.A. Christenson 2001

Native to Perú.

Edited 29 June 2007
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Sobralia hirta photo by Erica Abad

Sobralia hirta D.E. Bennett & E.A. Christenson 2001

Original publication in ICONES ORCHIDACEARUM PERUVIARUM," fourth installment.
A newly published species, based on collections made in Perú; named in honor of Dr. Alex Hirtz, of Quito, Ecuador.

This species is similar to Sobralia fimbriata, which also has fimbriate petals. However, S. hirta has more finely divided petal margins, smaller petals, and is only seen in Peru.

Erica Moron de Abad ( ) provided the photo at left. She found the plants in Perú at 2100 m elevation, growing 1.6 m tall, usually bearing two fragrant flowers, lasting only a day. However, her plants bloomed for 4 weeks.



David E. Bennett Jr. & Eric A. Christenson (2001) "ICONES ORCHIDACEARUM PERUVIARUM," fourth installment, plate no's. 601 to 800, unbound, shrink-wrapped, 400pp.

José Roque and Blanca León (December 2006) "Orchidaceae endemicas del Perú," in: Rev. Peru. Biol., 13(2): 759s-878s. Link: [Sobralia altissima, calliantha, hirta, ruparupaensis, turkeliae, weberbaueriana]

International Plant Names Index [IPNI],

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