Sobralia infundibuligera

Garay and Dunsterville 1965

Native to Venezuela and Brazil

Edited 17 April 2007
© Nina Rach

Sobralia infundibuligera photo by Dr. N. Baumbach

Sobralia infundibuligera Garay & Dunsterville 1965

Originally published in Venezuelan Orchids III 290.

This terrestrial species is found in Venezuela and Brazil. In the Gran Sabana, it is found growing in open, grassy plains in association with Sobralia liliastrum. It has been found near Sarisarinama, as well as on top of Auyan tepui, blooming in February.

The stems are characterized by leaf-bearing sheaths that widen very noticeably in their upper part, giving them the flattened, funnel-like appearance that accounts for the origin of this species' name.

Photos ęDr. Norberto Baumbach, of plants blooming in Venezuela's Gran Sabana (Canaima National Park, Bolivar State) in August 2001.


Sobralia infundibuligera photo by Dr. N. Baumbach

This species was pictured on a Venezuelan stamp on orchid sheetlet III, issued in 1994.

Delfina de Araujo has written that this species is found in the Brazilian state of Roraima and may be in Amazonas.




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