Sobralia kerryae

Dressler 1998

Native to Costa Rica, prov. Puntarenas, and Panama

Edited 12 February 2008
© Nina Rach

Sobralia kerryae type specimen

Sobralia kerryae Dressler

This species was recently discovered in Costa Rica and named for Kerry Dressler, field partner and wife of Robert Dressler.

Dr. Dressler collected the type specimen in cut-over forest at 1150 m elevation and describes the plant as epiphytic, approximately 1 m tall. the flowers have greenish cream colored sepals that are greenish on the exterior side, white petals, and a white lip with lemon-yellow color in the throat and a splash of orange near the base.

Another specimen was collected in the Bocas del Toro area of Panama, elevation 850 m, by R.L. Dressler and J.T. Atwood in October 1999.

Image at left depicts the herbarium sheet with the type specimen of Sobralia kerryae Dressler.


Sobralia kerryae by A. Maduro


Photo at right by Sr. Andres Maduro of Panama.
"Rare in cultivation. Tall species. Showy short-lived flowers produced successively. Grow intermediate, with moderately bright-bright light, evenly moist."

See also the webpage about White Sobralias.


Robert L. Dressler, 1998, "A New White Sobralia from Costa Rica," in: Orchid Digest, 62(2): 89-91.

Robert L. Dressler and Diego Bogarin C. (September 2007) "Two attractive new species of Sobralia from Panama," in: Orchids, magazine of the Amer. Orch. Soc. 76(9): 696-701. [New: Sob. fuzukiae, mireyae. Mentioned with regard to Sob. fuzukiae: Sob. candida, lancea, pardalina, quinata, leucoxantha, nutans. Mentioned with regard to Sob. mireyae: Sob. macrophylla, leucoxantha, citrea, kerryae, kruskayae, theobromina, bouchei, wilsoniana]

International Plant Names Index [IPNI]

See listing in the W3TROPICOS database at Missouri Botanical Garden (MOBOT).

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