Sobralia macra

Schlechter 1923

Native to Chiapas (Mex.), Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, and Panama

Edited 1 June 2007
text © Nina Rach

Sobralia macra photo by Adam Karremans

Originally published by Rudolf Schlechter in: Fedde, Repert. Spec. Nov. Regni Veg. Beih. 19: 161 (1923). Type specimen: Costa Rica

Photo at left by Adam Philip Karremans. He photographed the plant in Santa Cruz, Turrialba, Cartago, Costa Rica, at ca. 1600 m, on the slopes of Turrialba Volcano.

Observed flowering in Costa Rica from 350 to 1700 m elevation, most commonly 1200 to 1550m; blooming in January, March, April, August, and September. Often seen in the Arenal area. Voucher 8662 from Monteverde.

From "The Cutting Edge," Volume VIII, Number 4, October 2001:
"A well-known ornamental Sobralia (Orchidaceae) with golden-lipped flowers, ranging along the Atlantic slope from Nicaragua to central Panama, has long been called either S. leucoxantha Rchb. f. or S. powellii Schltr. The latter name has been established as applying to a rather different sp. of central Panama. Now, examination of the type of S. leucoxantha (one of the two entities alluded to in the title) reveals that this name has also been misapplied; correctly, Sobralia leucoxantha is the oldest name for a more humble sp., of Costa Rica and Panama, heretofore known as S. macra Schltr. The flashier, golden-lipped sp., momentarily nameless, is here formally christened as Sobralia chrysostoma Dressler (the second entity of the title). No specimens are cited other than the type."

See the webpage about White Sobralias.

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Online References:

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Information about 17 collected specimens can be found in the BIMS Database for Costa Rica [Biodiversity Information Management System]

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