Sobralia macrophylla

Reichenbach f. 1852

Native to Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana, Ecuador, Brazil (Amazonas, Amapa, Para)

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Sobralia macrophylla photo by Greg Allikas

Sobralia macrophylla Rchb.f.

The name "macrophylla" aptly describes the large leaves of this species. The plants grow terrestrially or epiphytically, in forests at higher elevations, to about 1 meter in height. The lower part of the cane-like stems are covered in dark grey sheaths and the upper part of the stems have clear green leaves. Flowers are borne apically, in succession; they are fleshy and fragrant. Flower color is described variously as white to cream to pale yellow. The lip has crisped margins and a deep golden yellow disc/throat.

The photos at left and below appear courtesy of Greg Allikas, The Orchid Photo Page. The plant is from Panama, grows in a 6" (15cm) clay pot with a total plant height about 2 ft (70cm) and was blooming in September. Flower quality is better in cooler weather. The flowers have a very faint fragrance of cocoa. Flower measurements: Dorsal Sepal 6.7 cm L, 1.5 cm W; Petals 6.0 cm L, 1.8 cm W; Lateral Sepals 6.0 cm L, 1.6 cm W; Lip 6.3 cm L, 3.5 cm W.

Sobralia macrophylla lip closeup by Greg Allikas

Sobralia macrophylla flower profile by Greg Allikas






In the Osa area of Puntarenas Province, Costa Rica, this species was observed blooming in August at 250m elelvation. It is also known to bloom occasionally in May.

In Ecuador, this species has been found growing in tropical wet forests in the provinces of Esmeraldas, Manabi, Los Rios, Pichincha, and Cotopaxi.

Sobralia macrophylla from Flore des Serres by Van Houtte, 1853

This species was originally described by William Jackson Hooker (1785-1865) in Botanical Magazine t. 4682 as Sobralia chlorantha Hook. f.
The illustration of "Sobralia chlorantha" at left was published 1852-53 in: Flore des Serres et des Jardins de l’Europe by Louis Benoit van Houtte, a well-known Belgian horticulturalist (1810-1876). The original chromolithograph was published with text. This tome by Van Houtte is mentioned in: Great Flower Books, 1700-1900: a bibliographical record of two centuries of finely-illustrated flower books by Sacheverell Sitwell. London: Collins, 1956 (p.84). Also in Nissen 2254; Stafleu & Cowan TL2/15.921.

However, the name Stanhopea macrophylla, published by Rchb.f. in Bot. Zeit. 10:713 in 1852 takes precedence. The type species is from Panama.

Sobralia macrophylla is featured on a 4 zloty stamp issued by Poland on 6 September 1965 (Scott #1352), part of a sheetlet of nine stamps, Scott #1346-1354. See Sobralias on Stamps.

For comparison with other white sobralia species, see the webpage on White Sobralias.

Plants are available from Maduro's Tropical Flowers through Woodstream Orchids in Maryland, [email:] and from Ecuagenera.

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Two stock images of Sobralia macrophylla from Campina Biological Reserve in the Brazilian Amazon: vertical and horizontal.

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