Sobralia madisonii

C.H. Dodson 1980

Native to Ecuador, Colombia

Edited 5 July 2007
© Nina Rach

Sobralia madisonii photo by Marcin Wielicki

Originally published in Orchids of Ecuador, Icones Plantarum Tropicarum t. 311 (1980).

Single flowers are borne apically. Sepals narrow, reflexed, apple green. Petals narrow, held forward, loosely cupping the lip; cream, overlaid pale green. Lip held closely around column, opening to a narrow, ovate shape with acuminate, recurved apex and slightly ruffled margin; cream with bright green flush in center of midlobe. Column cream. Leaves and stems papillose, heavily covered with purple markings.

Holotype at Marie Selby Gardens herbarium (SEL), collected in Ecuador by Michael T. Madison, Plowman, Kennedy & Besse 5261.
Sobralia madisonii photo by Marcin Wielicki

Grows in intermediate conditions.


Photos kindly provided by Marcin Wielicki,


Note that this species was recently (March 2006) listed by Ledezma et al. for the Choco Region of Colombia; therefore not endemic to Ecuador.

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Plants available from Ecuagenera, Cuenca, Ecuador (Portilla Family)

Printed References:

Calaway H. Dodson and Piedad M. Dodson (1980) Orchids of Ecuador, Icones Plantarum Tropicarum t. 311 (Series I). (Fascicles 1-4 contain plates 1 to 400)

Eva Ledezma, Giovanny Ramirez, Nayive Pino-Benitez (March 2006) "Forest Orchids of the Choco Region / Orquideas silvestres del Choco," in: Lyonia 10(1): 17-31. [Elleanthus capitatus, steyermarkii; Palmorchis trilobulata; Sobralia decora, fragrans, klotzscheana, liliastrum, macrophylla, madisonii, pulcherrima, valida; Fig. 4 shows Sobralia pollinia].

Online References:

International Plant Names Index [IPNI],

Marie Selby Gardens, SEL herbarium, high-resolution photo of herbarium isotype sheet: full image.

Aaron Hicks, Orchid Seed Bank info chart, no. 703, showing capsule yield of 90%

Plant list from Steve Oberbauer, Florida International Univ.: two specimens acquired from the Atlanta Botanic Garden, 97-159, 97-160.

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