Sobralia oliva-estevae

Carnevali & I. Ramirez 1990

Native to Venezuela and Guyana

Edited 25 April 2007
© Nina Rach

Sobralia oliva-estevae photo?

Sobralia oliva-estevae Carnevali & I. Ramirez

Original publication: Ann. Missouri Bot. Gard. 77(3): 556, fig. 4. 1990.
Type specimen collected: Bolívar, Venezuela, by I. M. Ramirez, G. Carnevali F-C. & F. Oliva-Esteva 150; collecting trip: 30 Aug-8 Sep 1987.

Named for Venezuelan botanist Francisco Oliva-Esteva, author of several books, including:
Arboles, Ornamentales y Otras Plantas del Tropico, Venezuela (1969);
Plantas de los jardines de Venezuela (1981);
Garden Plants of the Tropics (Venezuela) (1986);
Bromeliaceae of Venezuela/Las Bromeliaceaes de Venezuela (1987).

See color photo of this species published in 2000 in: Orchid Digest 64(1): 24.


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