Sobralia persimilis

Garay 1978

Native to Ecuador

Edited 30 March 2007

Sobralia persimilis photo by Nina Rach

Originally published in Opera Botanica, B (Fl.Ecuador), 9(225:1):127. 1978.

A "miniature" sobralia, reaching 0.5 m (18"). Flowers of this species can be mistaken for Sobralia exilis or Sobralia crocea.

Photo at left by Nina Rach, April 2001, of a plant from Ecuador.


International Plant Names Index (IPNI)

Leslie A. Garay (28 Dec 1978) Flora of Ecuador: Orchidaceae, in: Opera Botanica, Stockholm: NFR, 305 pp.

New York Botanical Garden Herbarium- specimen collected from a cliff by W. H. Camp E38,28 Jun 1944-01 Jul 1944, in Zamora-Chinchipe, Ecuador. Collector notes: Epiphyte in dense clumps; pedicel rosy purple; sepals deep orange; petals pale salmon; lip striped with deep purple." Note from C. H. Dodson, 1983: "Doubtfully distinct from S. crocea (Poepp. & Endl.) Rchb. f." Link:

Sobralia persimilis herbarium sheet

Herbarium sheet from the New York Botanical Garden, at right.









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