Sobralia portillae

Christenson 2003

Native to Ecuador (Guayaquil area)

Edited 30 March 2007
© Nina Rach

Sobralia portillae from Ecuagenera

Named for Jose (Pepe) Portilla, of Ecuagenera Co. Ltd, Gualaceo, Ecuador. The species is found in the area of Guayaquil, southwestern Ecuador and west toward Playas.

Flowers are lavender, with bright, white spot in center of large, round lip, with yellow-orange calli. Mark Whitten describes as "Flowers bright purple; throat white, with central line of yellow. Plants to 3 meters tall."


Listed on Ecuagenera's 2004 pricelist ( as a warm-intermediate grower. Another photo:


Printed Reference:

Eric Christenson (2003) in: Orchid Review 111(1252): 244. Discussed on p. 245, with photo on p. 206 [?]

Online References:

Rosemary Davies (Jan. 2004) "Recent Orchid Nomenclature," new additions to Index Kewensis, in: Orchid Research Newsletter No. 43, Royal Botanic Garden, Kew;

Listed in the University of Florida's Herbarium collection catalog: FLAS accession 213171. Collected 29 Sept. 2003 in Azuay province, Ecuador by Mark Whitten (2433), N. Williams, L. Endara, M. Blanco, and D. Penneys, under NSF grant.

ING: Index Nominum Genericorum, URL: from the U.S. National Herbarium, Dept. of Systematic Biology - Botany, Smithsonian Institution

International Plant Names Index [IPNI]

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