Sobralia quinata

Dressler 2003

Native to Costa Rica

Edited 12 February 2008
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This new species was described by Dr. Robert Dressler in Lankesteriana, the Costa Rican journal. It's found in Moravia De Chirripo. Quebrada Tsipiri. Bajo La Hondura. Parque Nacional Braulio Carrillo. Area De Conservacion Cordillera Volcanica Central. Reserva Biologica Alberto M. Brenes. Area De Conservacion Arenal Tilaran. Inbio.

When first found in Costa Rica in 1990, the plant was initially identified as Sobralia lancea.

The holotype of Sobralia quinata is deposited in the University of Costa Rica herbarium.

Dressler, R. L. (2003) "Sobralia quinata, a new species in section Globosae," in: Lankesteriana 6: 27-28.

Based on the author's first examination of flowering plants in life, Costa Rican material lately (e.g., in early drafts of the author's Manual treatment) called Sobralia lancea Garay becomes our latest endemic sp. of Orchidaceae. The name Sobralia quinata Dressler alludes to the presence of five labellar keels, as opposed to (apparently) just two in the real S. lancea, now restricted to Colombia and Ecuador.
The new sp. occurs at elevations of ca. 1050-1400 m, on the Atlantic slope of the Cordilleras de Tilarán and Central, and in the north portion of the Cordillera de Talamanca. A dichotomous key distinguishes the five spp. of Sobralia sect. Globosae Brieger, and the new sp. is illustrated with a fine composite line drawing. It is questionable whether this change can be accommodated in the Manual (now in the page-proof stage).

Printed Reference:

Robert L. Dressler 2003. "Sobralia quinata, a new species in Section Globosae," [Sobralia quinata, una especie nueva en la Sección Globosae] in: Lankesteriana no. 6. p. 27-28.

Robert L. Dressler and Diego Bogarin C. (September 2007) "Two attractive new species of Sobralia from Panama," in: Orchids, magazine of the Amer. Orch. Soc., 76(9): 696-701.
[New: Sob. fuzukiae, mireyae. Mentioned with regard to Sob. fuzukiae: Sob. candida, lancea, pardalina, quinata, leucoxantha, nutans. Mentioned with regard to Sob. mireyae: Sob. macrophylla, leucoxantha, citrea, kerryae, kruskayae, theobromina, bouchei, wilsoniana]

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