Sobralia rogersiana

Christenson 2007

Native to Guatemala and ?

Edited 17 August 2009
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Sobralia rogersiana photo needed

Named for US sobralia grower and enthusiast Bruce Rogers.
Originally published in Orchideen Journal in November 2007. The article features color photos of plants grown by Bruce Rogers and Terry Root in California, and by Dale Borders in Oregon.

Herbarium specimen type sheets at: US (holotype), and NY (isotype) herbaria.

This species first flowered in England in 1842, and was considered a variant of Sob. macrantha, with large lavender flowers and a relative large, open lip. Differentiated on the basis of deeply bilobed lip apex and heart-shaped yellow color patch deep inside lip.

Christenson writes: "Plants of Sobralia rogersiana are about twice the size of Sobralia macrantha and typically flower when 1.5-2 m tall...Sobralia rogersiana dwarfs Sobralia macrantha. The flowers are also much larger in Sobralia rogersiana than in Sobralia macrantha. The flowers of Sobralia rogersiana are about 50% larger in all their measurements relative to true Sobralia macrantha."

Printed References:

Eric Christenson (November 2007) "Notes on the Sobralia macrantha complex," in: Orchideen Journal 14(4): 159 (-162; figs.). Available online at

Online References:

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Photo of Sobralia rogersiana 'Adagent' by Eric Hunt at:

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