Sobralia ruckeri

Linden and Rchb.f. 1854

Native to Colombia and Venezuela

Updated 22 March 2007
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Sobralia ruckeri from Les Orchidees

Sobralia ruckeri Linden & Rchb.f.

Original publication: Jean Jules Linden & Heinrich Gustav Reichenbach in Bonplandia 2:278, 1854
Type specimen: "N. Granat"

The lithograph illustrated at left was published in 1880 in Les Orchidees (Pl. 40, pg. 38), by Paul Emile de Puydt.

Bright rose-lavender flowers borne on a terminal raceme; the rachis is strong and a dark maroon-purple color. The lip bears a white and yellow callus, and there is a longitudinal central white line on the dorsal sepal and petals. Column, anther, and twisted pollinia are white. Lip approx. 10cm-long; column approx. 3cm-long; sepals and petals 6-8cm-long. It is found growing very close to the Colombian border.

"In Venezuela this species has been found growing as a very robust terrestrial at about 2000m. altitude in the Sierra de Perija in the state of Zulia. This species is notable not only for the beauty of its flowers but also for their long-lasting character, and for the fact that up to six flowers can be borne on a single raceme-- a pleasant contrast with most Sobralia flowers which are developed singly and seldom last more than a day." (Dunsterville 1987)


Sobralia ruckeri on Venezuelan stamp

Galfrid C.K. Dunsterville (28 Aug 1987) Venezuelan Orchids. Caracas: Graficas Armitano, C.A. 127p.; English edition 1000 copies. [text, line drawings, and color photos of Sob. cattleya, Sob. infundibuligera, Sob. ruckeri, Sob. violacea]

G.C.K. Dunsterville and E. Dunsterville (Feb. 1981) "Orchids of Venezuela: Sobralia ruckeri: a jinx-afflicted beauty queen," in: American Orchid Soc. Bulletin 50(2): 176-180. [photos]

G.C.K. Dunsterville and Leslie A. Garay (1976) Venezuelan Orchids Illustrated, Volume 6. [Text and line drawings of Sob. ciliata, Sob. paradisiaca, Sob. ruckeri, Sob. speciosa]

G.C.K. Dunsterville and Leslie A. Garay (1979) Orchids of Venezeula: An Illustrated Field Guide. Boston: Botanical Museum of Harvard University, three white volumes, soft cover in a black slip case. [Sob. candida; cattleya; ciliata; fimbriata; fragrans; infundibuligera; liliastrum; macrophylla; paradisiaca; ruckeri; sessilis; speciosa; stenophylla; suaveolens; valida; violacea; yauaperyensis]

Jean Jules Linden and Heinrich Gustav Reichenbach (1854) Sobralia ruckeri, in: Bonplandia, ii, p. 278. [Type publication]

Paul Emile de Puydt (1880) Les Orchidees en Belgique. Plate 40, pg. 38.

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