Sobralia sanderiana


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Edited 25 April 2007
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Sobralia sanderiana by Dale Borders

Sobralia sanderiana Hort.

Originally published in Orch. Rev. 6:286, Sept. 1898.



Dale Borders (Email: acquired the plant pictured at left as Sobralia powelii, but has since identified it as Sobralia sanderiana. He describes it as "A relatively small statured member of the genus. Flowers delightfully scented. Temperature range I (60-83F)." Thanks to Dale for providing the photo.


Flowers are white and 15 - 17 cm across. The lip has a yellow throat and rose-speckled, frilly margin. Blooms from June to mid-October (in cultivation in Germany).



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Meyers Conservatory.

Sobralia- der Star (in German, with photos of a specimen plant bearing 25 flowers, and a single flower close-up.)

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