Sobralia sessilis

(A. Rich.) Lindley 1841

Native to Brazil, French Guiana, Guyana, Suriname, and Venezuela

Edited 14 October 2008
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Sobralia sessilis photo by Dale Borders

Sobralia sessilis (A. Rich.) Lindley 1841

Originally published in Botanical Register 27: Misc.p.3, 1841.

This is an epiphytic species found along rivers and creeks in northern South America. Plant stems are over 1 meter long with terminal flowers. Sepals and petals are lavender-pink with whitish mid-veins. Lip is white at base, with yellow and orange centrally and pink-purple at apex. Blooms April through August, occasionally Nov-Dec.

Plant at left was grown and photographed by Dale Borders in Oregon.
See more of Dale's photos at Meyers Conservatory

In an interview with Orchid News 7 (Brazilian Orchids' online magazine),
Lou Menezes said: "I am also starting a work about Sobralia genus in Brazil, a genus as forgotten as Cyrtopodium was. In my researches, I have already elucidated a doubt about the occurrence of Sobralia sessilis in the Central Plateau. I found it in Pirinópolis, in the State of Goiás. In fact, it has widespread geographical distribution from Amazônia to South. There are 16 species and some varieties in Brazil. A correct identification of the species should be done and I am having the same problems or worse, than I had with Cyrtopodium."

Delfina de Araujo mentions that Sob. sessilis is found in the Brazilian states of Acre, Amazonas, Amapá, Distrito Federal, Goiás, Minas Gerais, Pará and Roraima. Fraga and Peixoto (2004) add Estado do Espirito Santo.

Sobralia sessilis closeup by Dale Borders

Photo at right is by Dale Borders.

According to Dr. Leslie Garay (pers. comm.), "The growth habit is not S. sessilis. This I assume is what Paul Allen described in AOS Bull. 27(8):534-535, 1958 as Sobralia X intermedia, but I question whether it is a putative hybrid; the S. xantholeuca parent is really questionable. This is near S. neglecta, but the lip does not have a white margin."

This species is also confused with Sobralia decora from Mexico and Central America.

Sobralia sessilis is one of eight sobralias known from Suriname (others are Sob. fimbriata, Sob. fragrans, Sob. liliastrum, Sob. macrophylla, Sob. sclerophylla, Sob. stenophylla, Sob. suaveolens and Sob. yauperyensis). In 1906, however, Pulle recognized this species as the only Sobralia in Suriname, listing collections from two locations: G.M. Versteeg specimen 589, flowering in July at the Marowyne river, near Poeloegoedoe; and H.R. Wullschlaegel specimen 1320 (ex Cogn. l. c. 344), collected at the Para River. At that time, Pulle recognized that it was also known from British Guyana (now Guyana) and Brazil.

Sobralia sessilis is one of nine sobralias known from French Guiana (others are Sob. fimbriata, Sob. fragrans, Sob. liliastrum, Sob. macrophylla, Sob. sclerophylla, Sob. stenophylla, Sob. suaveolens, and Sob. yauaperyensis). The New York Botanical Garden specimen was collected in May 1986 by S.A. Mori.

Sobralia sessilis has been featured on two stamps:
One issued by France on 29 July 1967, face value $0.40 [1192];
and another issued by Suriname on 19 January 1977, with a face value of $0.55 [463].


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