Sobralia sp - White

Native to Ecuador

Edited 25 April 2007
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Sobralia sp - Ecuador White

2 June 2003: Identified by J. Beckner as Sobralia fimbriata, OIC #14,023.

Mid-April 2003: seed germinated within a few days of being sown.

10 April 2003: This species is not yet identified, but as I have a variety of interesting information, I thought it was worth posting. The original plants were collected in Ecuador by John Wirth, Olbrich Botanical Gardens, Madison, Wisconsin. They were growing on an open hillside, in typical Ecuadoran sandy, rocky clay. The plants are medium height, about 4-feet, and brushy, with hard, ridged leaves.

Sobralia seed photomicrograph by Lacey Powell

On 4 April 2003, I harvested the first of four pods from one of my plants, snapping it off the plant fairly cleanly (photo of pod on plant, at left). I set it to dry in a container lined with a clean coffee filter, and the carpels opened up rather rapidly. A few hours later, I sent the clean, dry seed to Meyers Conservatory in Poulsbo, Washington, for seed assay and flasking.

The photomicrograph of the sobralia seeds at right was taken by Lacey Powell on 7 April 2003, three days after capsule harvest in Houston. She notes:
"Seed is grayish tan to the naked eye, and somewhat clumpy. Large seeds are long, irregularly curved, and have large sized elongated greenish yellow embryos centrally located which are 1/3 the length of the seed. Seeds that appeared to have good embryos, by count: 59%"


Scale 1 mm or 0.040 inches Photo by Lacey Powell



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