Sobralia stenophylla

Lindley 1854

Native to Venezuela, Guyana, Brazil (Roraima, Acre)

Edited 6 April 2009
Text © Nina Rach

Sobralia stenophylla photo by Nina Rach

Sobralia stenophylla Lindley 1854

Original publication:

Note the fine, white hairs covering the callus of this lovely, bright lavender flower. It is one of the distinguishing characteristics.

This terrestrial species has very narrow leaves on sturdy stems and forms substantial clumps, growing in full sun, near water. We found it growing on rocks in or adjacent to cool streams, with only a thin layer of organic detritus, in an upland plateau area of southern Venezuela. The plants are less than a meter in height when growing in sand pockets on the rock. On nearby overhangs, in rocky soil with shaded roots, the clumps formed thickets, with stems nearly two meters long. In the stream, this sobralia was growing along with Phragmipedium klotzcheanum, which was in bloom at the same time. A very beautiful combination and provided a rare opportunity for us to enjoy nature at its best.

The type specimen was collected by Robert (R.H.) and Richard (M.R.) Schomburgk in Guayana in the mid-1880s; sine numero (unnumbered collection).

Sobralia stenophylla photo by Nina Rach


The photos were taken in early October 2001 at about 1800m, on a wonderful trek through the Gran Sabana, part of the Canaima National Park in Venezuela. Dr. Robert Dressler has confirmed the species ID.






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