Sobralia suaveolens

Rchb. f. 1878

Native to Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana, Ecuador, Brazil (Amapá and Pará), Bolivia

Edited 25 April 2007
© Nina Rach

Sobralia suaveolens photo by Ted Green

(syn. S. epiphyta Schlechter)

Originally published in Gard. Chron. 9: 622, 1878.

This is a small-growing species with small, cupped flowers borne apically. Sepals are light green, petals are white, and the lip is white with a yellow throat, brownish markings, and ciliated or fringed margin.

Delfina de Araujo has confirmed that this species occurs in the Brazilian states of Amapá and Pará.


Photo above, courtesy of Ted Green, Hawaii.

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