Sobralia theobromina

Dressler 2005

Native to Panama

Edited 12 February 2008
© Nina Rach

Sobralia theobromina

Originally published in Orchids magazine, Nov. 2005.

Type information:
Collectors: A.Maduro & E. Olmos 293
Locality: El Valle de Antón, alt. 800-1000 m
Collection Date: 2002-9-12
Type remarks: Type collection flowered in cultivation in Finca Drácula.
Type Location: holotype MO; isotype PMA.

Printed References:

Robert L. Dressler (Nov. 2005) "_____," in: Orchids magazine, 74(12): 940 (-941; fig. 5).

Robert L. Dressler 1993. Field Guide to the Orchids of Costa Rica and Panama. Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 374p.

Robert L. Dressler and Diego Bogarin C. (September 2007) "Two attractive new species of Sobralia from Panama," in: Orchids, magazine of the Amer. Orch. Soc., 76(9): 696-701.
[New: Sob. fuzukiae, mireyae. Mentioned with regard to Sob. fuzukiae: Sob. candida, lancea, pardalina, quinata, leucoxantha, nutans. Mentioned with regard to Sob. mireyae: Sob. macrophylla, leucoxantha, citrea, kerryae, kruskayae, theobromina, bouchei, wilsoniana]

Online References:

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