Sobralia turkeliae

Christenson 2002

Native to Perú

Edited 29 June 2007
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Sobralia turkeliae photo by Eric Hunt, September 2005 Originally published in November 2002, Orchids 71(11): 994-1001.

This species is named for Marni Turkel, an orchidist in California (Stony Point Ceramic Design) and occasional field partner of Eric Christenson.

Photo at left of Sobralia turkeliae 'Janet' provided by Eric Hunt. The plant was grown by Bruce Rogers and received a CBR/AOS at the Pacific Central Region's monthly judging in San Francisco, 6 September 2005 ( Link).

Four flowers and two buds on one meter tall, well grown plant; sepals and petals pile lime green; large ruffled green open lip with burgundy throat; average substance; texture frosty; pleasing flowering on inflorescence.
Measurements: Nat. spr. 10.0 cm, 10.1 cm vert.; ds 1.9 cm w, 6.4 cm l; pet 1.5 cm w, 5.7 cm l; ls 1.9 cm w, 6.1 cm l; lip 4.4 cm w, 6.1 cm l.

Sobralia turkeliae photo by Erica Moron de Abad, 2003

This is an intermediate to cool growing species.

Photo at right provided by Erica Moron de Abad, Peru, 2003.

Plants are offered for sale by:

BioOrquidtropic In Vitro Orchid Laboratory, Peru List

Ecuagenera, Ecuador. See photo at Link.

Printed References:

Eric A. Christenson (Nov 2002) "Three Sobralias New to Peru," in: Orchids 71(11): 994-1001. [One new species of Sobralia from Peru is described: Sobralia turkeliae and two others new to Peru are documented: Sobralia caloglossa; Sobralia mandonii].

José Roque and Blanca León (December 2006) "Orchidaceae endemicas del Perú," in: Rev. Peru. Biol., 13(2): 759s-878s. Link: [Sobralia altissima, calliantha, hirta, ruparupaensis, turkeliae, weberbaueriana]

Sobralia turkeliae photo by Eric Hunt, August 2005




Photo at left provided by Eric Hunt. the plant was grown by Hanging Gardens and awarded in San Francisco in August 2005.


Online References:

Club Peruano de Orquideas, plant cultivated and photographed by Erica Morón de Abad Link; San Martín, Perú: 1800 m.

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