Sobralia valida

Rolfe 1909

Native to Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, Ecuador, and Brazil

Edited 5 July 2007
© Nina Rach

Sobralia valida photo?

Sobralia valida Rolfe
Original publication: Kew Bulletin 65, 1909.

This terrestrial species grows to a total height of about one meter and is found in the Coastal, Andean, and Amazonian regions of Ecuador, from 0-1500 meters. The lovely ochre-yellow to orange flowers are fragrant, cupped, and are borne apically. Tips and margins of the petals and lip may be white.

Delfina de Araujo has mentioned that this species has been confirmed to occur in the Brazilian state of Roraima.




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From the Monocot list:
"186. Sobralia valida Rolfe Sec. for., 1300 m; terr., canes to 1 m; fls. fragrant, white with yellow throat, lip violet-edged: 31342**."

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