Sobralia Mirabilis

(macrantha x Veitchii)

Registered 1903

Edited 18 May 2007
© Nina Rach

Sobralia Mirabilis photo from Santa Barbara Orchid Estate

The species name mirabilis derives from the Latin word meaning marvellous or wonderful; i.e., Annus mirabilis-- "year of wonders."
This secondary hybrid was registered with the Royal Horticultural Society in 1903. The Sobralia Veitchii parent is a hybrid cross of (macrantha x xantholeuca), registered in 1894.

There seem to be quite a number of plants in cultivation and offered for sale that resemble this hybrid.


Photo at left from Santa Barbara Orchid Estate


Photo below of Sobralia Mirabilis 'Smokey' used with permission of Loren Batchman, Casa de las Orquideas, Solana Beach, CA.


Sobralia Mirabilis photo by Loren Batchman


The Batchman's use the same potting mix for the sobralias as for their cymbidiums and grow them under the same conditions as cymbidiums and zygopetalums. "They survived 9 consecutive nights below freezing at our nursery this year [2002], and 3 nights below 29 degrees with the sprinklers turned on to keep everything from freezing."


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Web References:
Sobralia Mirabilis 'Madeira' at Santa Barbara Orchid Estate. Flowers described as "very fine, large, art-shade blossoms," blooming mid-summer on relatively short (1-1/2 foot) plants.

Sobralia Mirabilis #53 at Santa Barbara Orchid Estate. Described as a "rich pink," plants were blooming at about 2-1/2 feet tall.

Photo by Cynthia (Prescott, Arizona) of Sobralia Mirabilis blooming at Santa Barbara Orchid Estate in July 2004 [1/200s f/8.0 at 50.0mm iso100].

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