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18 July 2011: New page for Sobralia abadorum.

17 Aug 2009: New pages for two species: Sobralia boliviensis and Sobralia rogersiana.

12 August 2009: New page for new species, Sobralia cardosoi.

25 July 2009: Lauris Rose of Cal-Orchid with sobralias at Parkside Orchid Fest, Ottsville, PA - photo

9 May 2009: Updated page on Sobralia gentryi.

25 April 2009: Dr. Robert Dressler spoke at Houston OS Show/AOS meetings on "Recent Work on Sobralias and Lankester Garden." Link

6 April 2009: Added literature references - spent day at BRIT library - Botanical Tesearch Institute of Texas, Fort Worth.

30 November 2008: 20th anniversary of the tragic death of famed botanical artist and Amazon explorer Margaret Ursula Mee (1909-88), on the eve of her exhibition of Brazilian Amazon paintings at Kew Gardens.

14 October 2008: added new references to The Lit and modified related species pages.

12 October 2008: updated page on Sobralia margaritae with additional illustrations.

9 October 2008: Updated the list of Sobralia hybrids. A big bunch of kudos to Bruce Rogers for thoughtfully registering Sobralia Nina Rach (Veitchii x Mirabilis) last month! Cross was made by Howard Liebman.

19 Aug 2008: New photos posted of Sobralia Veitchii and Sobralia macrantha alba.

1 August 2008: New web page for Panamanian sobralias.

15 May 2008: Bruce Rogers registers two new Sobralia crosses with the RHS: Sobralia Lydia (xantholeuca x fimbriata) and Sobralia Raymond (violacea x powellii).

14 April 2008: Ted Green registered a new Sobralia cross with the RHS: Sobralia Puanani (macrantha x violacea).

12 Feb 2008: Updated Literature list and Sobralia Songbird page with OCNZ award details and description from Peter Wellfleet. Also added two new species pages: Sobralia citrea Dressler 2005 and Sobralia theobromina Dressler 2005.

28 Nov 2007: New photos of Sobralia andreae Dressler 2006 and Sobralia roezlii Rchb.f. 1873 from Juan Carlos Uribe.

29 June 2007: Added info on two new awards, including the first award to a hybrid, Sobralia Songbird (and a new photo).

2 June 2007: Regina Lizama to speak on "El género Sobralia" at the monthly meeting of the AGO - Asociación Guatemalteca de Orquideología, Guatemala City.

1 June 2007: Posted new photo and literature ref's for Sobralia macra.

18 May 2007: New photos of Sobralia hybrids from Bruce Rogers, Oz Gardens, California.

19 April 2007: Nina Rach to speak on Sobralias at the Central Ohio Orchid Society monthly meeting, Franklin Park Conservatory, Columbus, Ohio.

15 April 2007: New photos of Sobralia mutisii from Guillermo Angulo.

2 April 2007: New webpage for Sobralia lucasiana

19 March 2007: Updating the site.

1-4 Feb 2007: Sobralia macrantha exhibited at AGO show, Exposición Nacional de Orquídeas, at Anacafe in Guatemala City [Photo1, Photo2, Photo3]. Field trips to Dep. Jalapa and Tikal.

4 January 2007: Bruce Rogers registered a new Sobralia cross with the RHS: Sobralia Modesty (biflora x decora)

27 July 2006: New information for Sobralia pfavii, from Eric Christenson.

24 May 2006: Sobralias exhibited at the AGO show, Exposición Nacional de Orquídeas, at Anacafe, Avenida las Américas, Guatemala City [Photo1, Photo2]. Sobralia blooming at the Palmieri's [Photo1, Photo2, Photo3].

4 May 2006: Posted "Life History of Sobralia Songbird," written for this website by hybridizer Peter Elfleet, New Zealand (Thanks, Peter!!). You can read it here: Sobralia Songbird.

1 March 2006: Updated the page of Sobralia hybrids. New page and photo of Sobralia Songbird.

10 Feb 2006: Updated and presented a program on Sobralias at Fairchild Tropical Gardens in Coral Gables, Florida, for the Coalition for Orchid Species. The Chihuly glass exhibit was extraordinary, well worth the visit. Thank you, Bert Bressman!

20 Oct 2005: Updates to the literature for French Guiana, new info for 4 Elleanthus sp., and for 7 Sobralia sp.

4 Oct 2005: Added a new hybrid, Sobralia Songbird (macrantha x Mirabilis), and several new AOS awards.

29 Sept 2005: Updated the reference literature lists.

18 Sept 2005: New photos of two different plants of Sobralia turkeliae grown in the Bay area, provided by Eric Hunt. Thanks Eric!

14 Sept 2005: New page for the second-generation hybrid Sobralia Colmaniae (Veitchii x xantholeuca).

10 August 2005: New pages on the Sobralias of Costa Rica, Sobralia sanfelicis, and Sobralia mutisii.

9 August 2005: Updated Sobralia hybrids; Sobralia ecuadorana, and Sobralia Mirabilis page.

8 April 2005: Added new AOS Sobralia award description.

7 April 2005: Updated the Elleanthus webpage, with new photos, links, and literature.

18 Jan. 2005: Updated list of literature.

5 Dec 2004: New pages for Sobralia gentryi; and Sobralia portillae. Updates for Sobralia elizabethae; Sobralia granitica; and Sobralia liliastrum.

4 Dec 2004: New page for Sobralia setigera. Updated Sobralia helleri; Sobralia fenzliana; the list of Sobralia Species; and the Sobralia Literature list.

22 Sept 2004: New photo for Sobralia bimaculata from Patricia Harding.

10 Aug 2004: New page for Sobralia kruscayae, a white Panamanian species named in honor of Kruskaya Melgarejo, of ANAM (formerly INRENARE). Photos from Sr. Andres Maduro.

7 July 2004: Added new photos and references for Sobralia lindleyana (Virginia Magnus) and Sobralia luteola (Greg Allikas).

20 May 2004: Upcoming sobralia lecture in Shreveport, Louisiana, 14 Nov. 2004.

17 May 2004: New page for Sobralia weberbaueriana Kraenzlin; new photo from Erica Moron de Abad and text for Sobralia altissima.

7 March 2004: New page for the genus Corymborchis.

18 Dec 2003: Updated Sobralia yauaperyensis and Sobralia virginalis with notes from Eric Christenson.

16 Dec 2003: New photos for Sobralia caloglossa provided by Erica Moron de Abad.

15 Dec 2003: New photos for Sobralia rondoni provided by Erica Moron de Abad.

6 Nov 2003: New photo for Sobralia dichotoma by Guillermo Angulo, and new references.

5 Nov 2003: Started a new page, "Unidentified Sobralias." Added photos of a little, rose colored sobralia from Erica Morón de Abad in Peru [], which bears keikis at the nodes.

4 Oct 2003: Additions to Fregea amabilis; Sobralia rosea [thanks to Erica Morón, Peru]; the Sobralia Stamp Page; and to the list of literature.

8 Sept 2003: Additions to Sobralia fimbriata; Sobralia candida; and Sobralia crocea, as well as to the literature list.

2 June 2003: The unidentified white sobralia from Ecuador is given OIC # 14,023 and named Sobralia fimbriata.

19 April 2003: Additions to Sobralia corazoi; Sobralia dissimilis; and Sobralia gloriosa.

10 April 2003: Additions to the literature list. New page for an unidentified white sobralia from Ecuador, including photomicrograph of seed.

1 April 2003: New photos for Sobralia lowii from Russell Hutton, L&R Orchids, Tuakau, New Zealand.
New photos for Sobralia crocea from Moises Cavero, Peru. New images for Sobralia ruckeri.

24 March 2003: Additions to Sobralia ciliata

23 Sept 2002: New page for Sobralia caloglossa and new references for the literature list.

16 Sept 2002: New photos of the hybrid Sobralia Amanecer (atropubescens x sessilis), provided by Bill Curtis, Makawao, Hawaii.

10 Sept 2002: New photos and references for Sobralia macrophylla.

31 August 2002: Added a new reference for the Guianas to the Literature list and all the species pages affected.

25 August 2002: New references and image for Sobralia macrantha; changed front page photo from Sob. Mirabilis to Sob. macrantha.

5 August 2002: New references for Sobralia fenzliana and Sobralia suaveolens.

26 July 2002: Added references to five sobralias from the Lindenia, including new pages for Sobralia lindeni W. Watson and Sobralia Veitchii. Thanks Greg.

21 July 2002: Update & new images for Sobralia xantholeuca.

19 July 2002: New page on small-growing sobralias. New pages for Sobralia pumila and for Sobralia bletiae. New information for Sobralia bouchei and for Sobralia callosa. Updated AOS Awards list.

18 July 2002: New page for Sobralia madisonii. New material for Sob. panamensis. Added many new references to the Literature list and several new stamp images.

17 July 2002: Additions to the list of Sobralia stamps. New images and info for Sobralia withneri.

5 July 2002: New images for Sobralia cattleya.

1 July 2002: New additions to the list of Sobralia Literature and to individual species pages, from The Kew Record of Taxonomic Literature. Also email contact,, made consistent throughout.

26 April 2002: Revisions to the genus Fregea; Fregea amabilis Rchb.f. 1852; and Fregea wercklei Schlechter 1923, and Sobralia lepida.

21 April 2002: Adding references and changing to new email contact:

17 April 2002: New photo of Sobralia hirta and edits to Sobralia fimbriata. and Sobralia luteola.

4 April 2002: New photos of Sobralia amparoae; and Sobralia chrysostoma.

3 April 2002: New photo of Sobralia ciliata. New pages for Sobralia aerata (Allen & L.O. Wms.) Garay ined.; Sobralia chatoensis A.H. Heller & A.D. Hawkes 1966; Sobralia panamensis Schlechter 1922; and Sobralia rolfeana Schlechter 1922.

2 April 2002: New photo of Sobralia bradeorum; New pages for Sobralia persimilis Garay 1978; Fregea amabilis Rchb.f. 1852; and Fregea wercklei Schlechter 1923.

27 March 2002: New photos of Sobralia fimbriata and Sob. Mirabilis.

26 March 2002: New page for Sobralia dissimilis Dressler 1995.

3 March 2002: New page for Sobralia rondonii Hoehne; edits to Sobralia violacea Linden ex Lindley; and to The White Sobralias.

25 Feb 2002: Updates to Sobralia bouchei.

21 Feb 2002: New pages for Sobralia ruckeri; Sobralia rigidissima; and Sobralia speciosa. Updates to Sobralia fragrans and Literature.

14 Feb 2002: New pages for Sobralia x intermedia P.H. Allen 1958; Sobralia neglecta Schlechter 1923; and Sobralia lowii Rolfe 1890. Updates to S. decora; S. sessilis; and S. virginalis.

12 Feb 2002: New pages for S. elizabethae R.H. Schomburgk 1841 and S. melanothrix Lojtnant 1977.

11 Feb 2002: updates to Elleanthus, Epistephium, Palmorchis; and to the Literature.

7 Feb 2002: New page for Sobralia Amanecer; new photos of Sobralia fenzliana by Steve Gonzalez.

4 Feb 2002: Revisions to Sobralia augusta Hoehne 1944; Sobralia bimaculata Garay 1975; and Sobralia liliastrum Lindley 1833; New page for Sobralia beyeriana Hort. Seeger 1891.

31 Jan 2002: Revisions to Sob. virginalis F. Peeters & Cogniaux 1899; and a new image of Ell. cephalotus added to the Elleanthus page.

29 Jan 2002: Revisions to Sob. chrysostoma Dressler, Sob. leucoxantha Rchb. f., Sob. macra Schltr., Sob. powellii Schlechter.

28 Jan 2002: Received useful taxonomic clarifications from Dr. Leslie A. Garay. Many thanks! New page created for Sobralia granitica Romero & Carnevali 2000.

22 Jan 2002: Photos of sobralia stamps received from Ron Smart. See the additions to the Sobralia Stamp Page.

20 Dec 2001: New photo of Sobralia liliastrum on a 2001 phone card issued in Algoas State (15,000 printed).

18 Dec 2001: New material and photos for Sobralia infundibuligera provided by Dr. Norbert Baumbach.

3 Dec 2001: New page for the genus Epistephium. New in-situ photo of Sobralia candida from Venezuela's Gran Sabana.

1 Dec 2001: Updates to Sob. ciliata, Sob. paradisiaca, Sob. ruckeri, and Sob. speciosa.

26 Nov 2001: Dr. Robert Dressler speaking on "Sobralias" at the monthly meeting of the Gainesville Orchid Society.

2 Nov 2001: Dr. Robert Dressler's lecture on "Sobralias" at the AOS Trustees Meeting and show in Corpus Christi: Lecture notes and Photo of him receiving AOS Gold Medal of Achievement.

16 Oct 2001: New photos and info about Sobralia liliastrum.

12 Oct 2001: New photos and habitat information about Sobralia stenophylla.

14 Sept 2001: New photo for Sobralia luteola provided by Rusty Albert. New page for Sobralia pardalina from Ecuador.

13 Sept 2001: New pages for Sobralia chrysotoma, Sobralia maduroi, and Sobralia warsewiczii; new photos of Sobralia helleri; and additions to the page of White Sobralias.

4 Sept 2001: Added photo of Sobralia klotzscheana from Dave Hunt and a Sobralia stamp from Uruguay.

23 August 2001: Added link to Walter Schug's new website on Costa Rican orchids. New photo of a white sobralia; minor edits to various species pages.

14 August 2001: Updated Sob. powellii and the list of white sobralia species.

30 July 2001: Updated literature list and individual pages with information from Garay 1978.

29 July 2001: New page for Sobralia sanderiana; updated Links page; Sob. dichotoma, Sob. rosea, and Sob. violacea

24 July 2001: Added material for Sobralia altissima.

15 July 2001: New page for Sobralia stenophylla Lindley. Edited Elleanthus and Palmorchis pages; new geoguides everywhere.

10 July 2001: New links, new references added for many species. New page created for Sobralia klotzscheana.

27 June 2001: New photos of Sobralia callosa from Greg Allikas.

3 June 2001: Added a photo and information on Sobralia crocea.

29 May 2001: Added new pages for four new Peruvian sobralias, published in the fourth installment of Icones Orchidacearum Peruviarum: Sobralia callianthe, Sobralia hirta, Sobralia ruarupaensis, and Sobralia withneri. Added the new installement to the Literature page. Thanks to Dave Hunt for the lead.
Added information to the Distribution list about El Pahuma Orchid Reserve, Pichincha Province, Ecuador

25 April 2001: Added new image of Sobralia bouchei from Dave Hunt.

12 April 2001: Added Google SafeSearch toolbar to the main pages. Two Ecuadoran plants of Sobralia crocea are blooming for me this week in Houston (bright orange). Noticed that the Austrian Orchid Society (Oesterreichische Orchideengesellschaft) has listed The Sobralia Pages among their links.

15 Feb 2001: Added new Sobralia banner to all main pages. Updated Elleanthus and Palmorchis pages.

17 January 2001: Image of a red Sobralia (upper left) from the set of 24 orchid cigarette cards ("stiffeners") published by Carreras in 1925.

13 November 2000: New page created for Sobralia pleiantha. New image of Sobralia yauaperyensis. Posted two images of unidentified Sobralia species from Gould hummingird plates: Plate 85 and Plate 300.

23 Oct 2000: New pages created for Sobralia augusta and Sob. chlorantha. Added information from Delfina about confirmed occurrences of Sobralia species in Brazil to individual species pages for Sob. liliastrum, suaveolens, augusta, sessilis, vallida, infundibuligera.

22 Oct 2000: New page for the Genus Palmorchis.

21 Oct 2000: New page for the Genus Elleanthus.

20 Oct 2000: New page for Sobralia oliva-estevae, as well as additions to Sob. xantholeuca, Sob. leucoxantha, and Sob. macrantha.

18 Oct 2000: New page for Sobralia margaretae Pabst 1977, including Margaret Mee's watercolor of that species. Also a new page for Sobralia wilsoniana Rolfe 1890, cultivated at Arenal Botanical Gardens, CR.

12 Oct 2000: New additions to the Literature page. Created new pages for Sob. altissima D.E. Bennett & E.A. Christenson 1999; Sob. ciliata (Presl) C. Schweinfurth ex Foldats 1969; Sob. fimbriata Poepp. & Endl. 1836; and Sob. infundibuligera Garay & Dunsterville 1965.

11 Oct 2000: Added camera symbols to distinguish all species/hybrids with photos. Created new pages for Sob. bouchei Ames & C. Schweinfurth 1930; for Sob. callosa L.O. Williams 1946; and for Sob. undatocarinata C. Schweinfurth 1938.

7 Oct 2000: Created a new page for Sob. valida Rolfe 1909.

6 Oct 2000: Created new pages for Sob. biflora Ruiz and Pavon 1798, Sob. bimaculata Garay 1975, and Sob. cattleya Rchb. f. 1877.

29 Sept 2000: Created new pages for Sob. lindleyana Rchb. f. and Sob. suaveolens Rchb. f. 1878. Enhanced info for Sob. dichotoma Ruiz & Pavon 1798, Sob. mucronata Ames & C. Schweinfurth, and Sob. violacea Linden ex Lindley 1846.

26 Sept 2000: Updated the list of species based on the TROPICOS database. Added photo of Sobralia kerryae Dressler.

22 Sept 2000: Added pages for Sob. amabilis (Rchb.f.) L.O. Williams; Sob. amparoae Schlecter; Sob. bradeorum Schlecter; Sob. corazoi Lankester & Ames 1924; Sob. doremiliae Dressler; Sob. helleri Hawkes; Sobralia luteola Rolfe; and Sobralia mucronata Ames.

21 Sept 2000: Made enhancements to the Stamp Page; added image of Sobralia yauaperyensis Barb. Rodr. 1891, from Patricia Harding. Added pages for Sobralia ecuadorana Dodson 1998; Sobralia lancea Garay 1958; Sobralia macra Schlecter; and Sobralia virginalis F. Peeters & Cogniaux.

19 Sept 2000: Created a new page for Sobralia pulcherrima Garay 1978; added new images of Sob. powellii Schlecter and Sob. sessilis Lindley, from Dale Borders.

30 August 2000: Added notes from the OGD.

15 August 2000: Established new pages for this website!

This website was born in August 2000.
© 2003 Nina Rach

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