All Those White Sobralia Species...

Edited 18 May 2007
© Nina Rach

Sobralia decora and hummingbird plate by Gould
Sobralia decora and hummingbird plate #85 by Gould

White Sobralia species:

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Sob. allenii - Panama
Sob. augusta - Brazil and Venezulea
Sob. beyeriana - Colombia
Sob. bimaculata - Colombia and ?
Sob. candida - Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru
Sob. chrysostoma - Costa Rica
Sob. corazoi - Costa Rica, Ecuador
Sob. decora var. alba - Mexico
Sob. D'Orbignyana - Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia

Sob. elisabethae - Venezuela
Sob. fimbriata - Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru
Sob. fragrans - Guatemala to Brazil
Sob. gloriosa - Colombia, Ecuador, Peru
Sob. granitica - Venezuela
Sob. helleri - Costa Rica

Sob. kerryae - Nubes de Santa Elena, prov. Puntarenas, Costa Rica
Sob. klotzscheana - Colombia, Ecuador
Sob. leucoxantha - Costa Rica & Nicaragua
Sob. "leucoxantha" - El Valle de Anton, Panama

Sob. liliastrum - Venez, Colombia, British Guiana, Brazil
Sob. lindeni - Ecuador
Sob. lindleyana - Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama (Chiriqui)
Sob. macra - Costa Rica
Sob. macrophylla - Costa Rica to Brazil
Sob. maduroi - Panama
Sob. pardalina - Ecuador
Sob. powellii - Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador
Sob. pulcherrima - Colombia, Ecuador

Sobralia xantholeuca watercolor by Henry Queensborough Levy

The watercolor at right was painted by the late Henry Queensborough Levy of Jamaica.
It is in the family's private collection.

Sob. rondonii - Brazil
Sob. sanderiana - ??
Sob. setigera - Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia
Sob. suaveolens - Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia
Sob. undatocarinata - Costa Rica and Panama

Sob. valida - Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador
Sob. violacea - Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia
Sob. virginalis - Colombia

Sob. xantholeuca var. alba - Mexico (Chiapas)

Sobralia at Costa Rica show, spring 2002 Sobralia at Costa Rica show, spring 2002 Sobralia at Costa Rica show, spring 2002

Three views of the same plant, a white sobralia blooming at an show in San Jose, Costa Rica, March 2002. Sepals and petals equally broad. Fine yellow markings on midlobe of lip and yellow calli. Flowers faded the next day. Photos by Nina Rach.







Sobralia chrysotoma from el Valle de Anton, Panama
Sobralia chrysotoma, el Valle de Anton, Panama

Sobralia helleri, Panama Sobralia sp., Costa Rica
. . . Sobralia helleri, Panama - - - - - - - - - - Costa Rican Sobralia sp.
. . Photo at upper left by Andres Maduro - - - - - - Photo at right by Walter Schug, San Jose.

Sobralia from Bocas del Toro, Panama Sobralia from Rio Sereno, Panama
Sobralia sp. from Bocas del Toro, Panama - - - - - - - - Sobralia sp. from Rio Sereno, Panama
Both photos from Andres Maduro and Woodstream Orchids

Printed References:

Robert L. Dressler (1993) Field Guide to the Orchids of Costa Rica and Panama. Ithaca: Comstock Publishing Associates. pp.318-324, plate 35 [color photo of Sob. suaveolens].

Leslie A. Garay (1978) Flora of Ecuador no. 9: Orchidaceae. Opera Botanica, 305p.

Web References:

Costa Rican Sobralia macra,
photo by Walter Schug
Costa Rican Sobralia macra photo by Walter Schug

Flowering sequence, from bud to open flower, two different white sobralias, labeled "Sobralia powellii" on a Japanese website

International Plant Names Index [IPNI]

Dictionary of Botanical Epithets by Chuck G.

"Die Gattung Sobralia Ruiz & Pav." - from Walter Schug's new website on Costa Rican orchids. [in German and Spanish]

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