Sobralia Veitchii, August 2008 photo by Nina Rach


Sobralia Veitchii

(macrantha x xantholeuca)

Veitch 1894

Edited 19 August 2008
© Nina Rach

Sobralia Veitchii

This hybrid was registered by Veitch in 1894.

Photos above and at right by Nina Rach; plant flowering in August 2008.

It was recently remade using Sobralia macrantha alba as a parent; a small population of these is being raised by Carter & Holmes in South Carolina.

Visit the webpage on Sobralia Hybrids.



Cal-Orchid,, Santa Barbara, California, has S. Veitchii for sale.

Sobralia Veitchii in the Lindenia

Printed Reference:

Jean Linden and Lucien Linden Lindenia, An Iconography of Orchids, vol. 5 (of the English reprint), p.292. Ghent.
[French edition, 1885-1906, 814 plates.]
[English edition, 1891-1897, 312 plates in 13 volumes, issued in 78 parts of four plates each, published by Naturalia]

The illustration at right was published in The Lindenia, Vol. 5, page 292.

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