Sobralia panamensis

Schlechter 1922

Native to Panama

Edited 30 March 2007
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Sobralia panamensis lectotype

Sobralia panamensis Schlechter

Originally published in Repertorium Specierum Novarum Regni Vegetabilis, Beihefte 17: 11. 1922.

Lectotype (LT): C.W. Powell 21, Panama: bei Panam City, in Tälern; auch längs der Hinterwässer des Gatun-Sees, ziemlich häufig (AMES-23770; ILT: AMES-23769, K, MO-955891, MO-961330). LT designated by Christenson, Lindleyana 6: 131 (1991). Photo of herbarium sheet at left.

Sobralia panamensis drawing by Blanche Ames


Drawing at right by Blanche Ames.


Williams and Allen (1946; 1980) described this species as such:
"Erect or ascending, epiphytic or terrestrial herbs; the stems up to about 15 dm. long, simple, branching or producing new plants at the nodes, lepidote [rough, scaly] or furfurescent [?]. Leaves 5-20 cm. long and 2-6.5 cm. broad, elliptic to broadly elliptic-lanceolate [tapering to a pointed apex], acuminate, glabrous [smooth] or slightly furfurescent at the base dorsally; leaf-sheaths densely pubescent [covered with fine, soft hairs], lepidote or furfurescent, older sheaths appearing pustulate [blistered or pimpled]. Flowers purple to white. Sepals 4.5-6 cm. long and about 1.2-1.6 cm. broad, ligulate [strap-shaped] to lanceolate, acute, the laterals somewhat oblique. Petals a little shorter than the sepals and up to about 2 cm. broad, obtuse or acute. Lip 4-6 cm. long and 3-4 cm. broad, obovate [egg-shaped, narrower at base] or oblong-obovate, obtuse [rounded at apex], glabrous, apex undulate, with 2 small calluses [ibid.] at base. Column up to about 3 cm. long. Panama. ... closely allied to S. decora Batem. and to S. sessilis Lindl. but seems to be distinct."

Sobralia panamensis stamp


Panama issued stamps featuring Sobralia panamensis on 16 March 1966. Souvenir sheets pictured at left, featuring stamps of (C345 & C347).


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Online References:

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