Sobralia rolfeana

Schlechter 1922

Native to Panama

Edited 22 March 2007
text © Nina Rach

Sobralia rolfeana lectotype

Sobralia rolfeana Schlechter

Originally published in Repertorium Specierum Novarum Regni Vegetabilis, Beihefte 17: 12. 1922.



At left, the herbarium sheet designated as lectotype by E.A. Christenson.
LT: C.W. Powell 3, Panama: auf Hügeln bei Panama City (AMES-23768; ILT: MO-955876). LT designated by Christenson, Lindleyana 6: 131 (1991).


See Sobralia macrophylla Rchb.f..


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Online Reference:

International Plant Names Index [IPNI]


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